Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– I gave a speach at the British Lung Foundation at Wigmore

I had been invited to talk at the British Lung Foundation Breath Easy support Club in Wigmore Kent. Medway (Picture by Clarissa Peterson)

Meeting First Tuesday of the month, 1-3pm
Location Free Evangelical Church Hall,
Durham Road,
Rainham, Kent ,
Contact Joanne, 020 766 5575,

It was fun getting there as first I couldn’t find my boots to put on. searched the motorhome and all cupboards -nowhere to be found.Ray said they must be in the van so we got all dressed and after walking Louis and then shut him in the house we set off. Wrong!! No boots so Ray said pop back  Indoors they must be there.

So back I went disturb Louis who must have thought I was returning for him, I had this bouncing dog and boots to find. I did find them in the wardrobe.

We dashed up the M2 to Gillingham and then round to Wigmore to the Church Hall where the meeting was being held.

Everyone was very friendly and I met  Carol Whitehead and others  and I sat down.

Tony Maund came in then, he is man organizing the fight at Lordswood as a Asbestos company wants to have a Asbestos Holding  Depot 100 yards from the residents and right by a children s playground.

He gave the first talk and Tony had had a letter though yesterday saying– Please see the attached email which confirms that the applicant wishes to withdraw the current planning application. You will note that the applicant intends to submit a revised application and when this is received all local residents who commented on this application will be consulted again.

And From the Firm– Following our meeting on the 28th February 2013 I write to formally withdraw the above application to prepare documents to provide clarification of control measures to mitigate any potential impacts prior to re-submitting revised application

All that means is they are trying to prove how safe it by doing a risk assessment .

I Then gave my talk to show what my life is like with mesothelioma. I suddenly realised as i was talking that I was talking to a room of very sick people, some had Oxygen cylinders with them, did they really want to listen to me. Si I cam away from my notes and talked freely about my lung Operating and Chemo but off notes so it sounded more personnel I wasnt talking to a room of Doctors and CN’s but to ordinary patients.


I have promised myself I will learn from the experience and write a different sort of speech that has more jokes in it to be lighter.

I also brought Tony into it and we discussed the Lordswood problem.

mv2 (2)

Everyone afterwards discussed it and said they had enjoyed my Speech so I was worrying unnecessarily.

I have been invited to speak   at the Gravesend meet so I can see this growing.

Alison Williams said she wondered what I meant when I said I was the BLF centerfold in the Annual Report. She was expecting me to be naked —I dont think so !!

We were given a handy card that has a NHS thermometer on to have in a room and tells you if its to hot or to cold. very handy and it comes from the NHS.

I have searched for a link and i cant find it so I will ask carol.

Well that was a totally different afternoon and then we had to travel back home and Im shattered as it was very emotional draining to meet such brave people with Lung problems.

Presentation of Lung models

The raise lots of funds for hospital equipment

On 22 November, at its Christmas party, Breathe Easy Medway was delighted to present the Community Respiratory Team with two lung models and three anatomical charts.

The equipment will help the respiratiory team to explain to people what is happening inside their lungs and how different conditions affect the lungs.

The group was joined by two Medway Councillors, Geoff
Juby and Sheila Kearney, who gave some of their Ward Improvement Funds, along with extra fundraising organised by Breathe Easy Medway, to pay for the models and charts.

It opens your eyes to all the good work people do in the Support Group



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