Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A day of Panic



Just a short bit as life has got so busy.

Ray was rushed to hospital with what is thought to be a heart attack because of the severe pain (had it some time and got very bad today)but is now making Docs think it is angina. He is having another blood test at 9pm to see if there has been any damage but at the moment it seems he has a little bit but it is old — I had to get home to have something to eat and feed and walk the dog. I had to keep pushing about Meso in case it was fluid on the Lung as it is just how I went -Hard to breath in the cold and the pain. They can hear a tiny bit of crackle at the bottom of the Lung but he is clear of Meso Phewww!!! I

Ray came in from walking the dog clutching his chest with a pain and a pain in the back and jaw. We knew this was all what they show on TV so rang 999 and the Paramedic was here in about 5 min.

All the equipment on and he could see Rays sugar and Blood Pressure was way to high.

Ambulance came and more tests and we were soon packed in and off to hospital.

I hated the bumpy ride and realised just how bad our roads have got now.

At hospital doctors flew around and he was all checked out, bloods taken and machines plugged in.

He was put into a assessment ward after having an Xray.

I sat there with him until they said

At home I sorted Louis out and finally had something to eat but I waited until My Son and DIL rang to say Ray was going to stay in all night and so I got to bed at 12

Ray has just phoned to say the Doc has been to see him and he has to stay in 5 days while they keep his blood thinned so I have a long list of things to take.

He is chatty and in good spirits so Im relaxed and happy. I will walk Louis and then go and see Ray.

So I will write tonight when I get home again.


3 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A day of Panic

  1. My very best wishes to Ray for a speedy recovery Mavis. What a shock for you both! Keep yourself warm and try not to worry, he is in the best possible place for care. Look after yourself and eat properly now! It has been such a worrying time for you both with your ongoing struggle with meso. I keenly follow both your posts and follow your travels and trials of life avidly. Take good care love Rachel x

  2. I am sorry to hear this about Ray, but at least they are taking good care of him Mavis, I would feel a lot safer with him being in the hospital. Please take care of yourself and give my regards to Ray and tell him I wish him well and a speedy recovery. xoxoxoxo.

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