Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- One more day and then Ray can come home


My Mancub has done well and has responded to treatment very well Bless him  xxx

Im at the hopsital again today and family and friends are dropping in today so Im busy but the pressure has been taking off of me..

We will blog again with better pictures of a smiling Ray but it has been so hectic this week and today the shock seems to be coming out as I relax more.

The fact he had 2 small heart attacks and we werent  aware of them is a big shock. This 3 one he had to take notice and they have said a 4th one would have been the flat liner.

We are sorting out a diet and I have sent off for books on the Mediteranian diet .

I also have all the vegetarian books out and sorting menu’s we just have to make it work as he must keep healthy. No more sneaking over the shop for his Favourit Cakes they defo out now.

He comes home Sunday so I said he can go to bed and have a really good rest and then he can make a tea on Monday and gradually, as his little booklet says so he can do a bit of washing up and a bit of hoovering, but there is no rush.

I will take Louis out and we will be a very quiet couple.

I have to report the fact that the door on the empty property next door wants fixing as it bangs in this wind and that was one of the stressful things on Rays list.

No more stress I will protect him from that I promise.


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