Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary- Ray is looking better.

The first day of spring —well somebody has got that wrong because it is so cold today. It has tried at times to snow when I was out with Louis.

Ray is looking better hour by hour although he is very slow and stupidly thought he could make the bed while I was out this morning.

He got a pain and that panics me, when I got back. He got a telling off from me.

He has had a great dinner as I cooked fresh Tuna in a ginger and lemon sauce with broccoli, cabbage, and mash potato’s. Fresh fruit salad and yogurt.

He had a visit from my younger brother and his girlfriend so that was different for him. He was able to sit and chat and he had a great time.

I fed our visitors Rays fruit cake, as I cant let him eat any and he might steal it when Im not around.

Ray has had loads of good wishes sent him, even Wee Willie Harris has sent his regards for a  speedy recovery.

He is 79 and is still performing and Terry gets him all his music for his shows.

Terry has just said he is coming here for Easter so thats cheered Ray up tonight.



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