Living With Mesothelioma–My Diary–The ADAO conference comes to a close

Well the ADAO c conference came to a close yesterday.

Rod Smith has reported :-

The final AdAO 2013 Conference session was Sunday brunch, a day for those who have been affected by the horror that is asbestos. What a beautiful morning, BBF’s Karen Banton was the Keynote Speaker and Lou Williams also spoke. So many special moments! The Australian Embassy also sent Helen Seidel to represent the Australian Government. All at BBF and ADAO very much appreciated Helen’s presence, her interest and undeniable compassion and concern for the asbestos issue was really evident. What a way to round off a fabulous conference. Rod Smith PS: Click on the photo to see the entire album.


Rod and Karen Lou –Karen did give a moving speech about Bernie, Life.

IATP Is now on their way home today so I will be able to find out what new paths they will be on now they have met the world in the Asbestos world. Christine will be all fired up with so many new ideas.


Mesothelioma News said :-

We were so fortunate to attend this weekend’s ADAO conference and look forward to sharing many photos and tons of information this coming week. These women are our super heroes! “Justice has no timeline”… Yep, that’s why we all keep fighting! — with Linda Reinstein.

Photo: We were so fortunate to attend this weekend's ADAO conference and look forward to sharing many photos and tons of information this coming week. These women are our super heroes! "Justice has no timeline"... Yep, that's why we all keep fighting!

We all thought Linda deserved the award this year so Lou presented to Linda. for all us warriors.
What we also felt was it was about time she had one due to all the support she gives others x x — in Washington, DC.

Photo: With gratitude and tears, thank you Lou, Karen, Rod, and the many Global Warriors for my gorgeous and special award.

Linda was in tears as Lou presented it to her, Christine had taken the precious item to the USA for us.

Well thats the end of the ADAo conference so life goes back to normal.

We do listen though and have learnt but it is really all for the future of which we patients dont have.

We can only contribute at the moment and hope we teach the future. Thats why we go into trials, always the hope we are cured but know it is really for the future.

One little note –a friend went to Barts Friday and I ask her to ask about  Cryoablation and her reply is —- I asked him about the Cryoablation and he said that this is not good for mesothelioma its more effective on small golf ball size tumours as you have to inject into it and as mesothelioma is all around the lungs etc it would be to difficult to inject.

So thats another treatment that wont be followed in the UK -Oneday we will get something –One day.


Well Ray had a better day yesterday although he is always so cold with his blood thinned and we have the fire up at 25 most of the day. Im sweating and he is cold. he does wrap up in a dressing gown.

He is eating well now so Im very relaxed about his strength building up bless him.

Im walking Louis we have a routine going and the dog is being very good that he isnt going to far. We do have a ball game so he can run a bit in the garden to release more energy.

The weather is just to cold for Ray to go out, even the garden is out of bounds as there is still snow hanging around and the water butts are frozen.

The daffodils are coming out though even if spring is on hold this year.

I hope there is a letter this week for Ray to go and have a check up. It has all gone quiet, They leave you in the dark and you have to just keep taking the pills.

He now takes so many pills each day.

So Its Monday -I wonder what this week will bring??

Rays blog



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