Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Rays appointment has come and he watches the Wizard Of Oz ???

Very Cold weather -It will be just great when I can say Gosh!! its hot today. No Im still saying we have a bitter wind. The sun shines and you look out and think it is a lovely day and then when we are outside the wind freezes you.


The dog looks at me with those wonderful eyes and I just have to take him out


How can I refuse so I put my coat on and we have a walk out. All everyone says, when we meet  is how cold it is. they always say what would we talk about is it wasn’t for the UK weather and its true. A lady walked with me, on the way back to her house from the shop, and nattered about the weather. I didnt know her and yet we had something to talk about as did the man standing at the bus stop.


When I got in Ray was engrossed in the Wizard of Oz which really was the right film for Asbestos Awareness Week ans the snow that was in the film had been made out of asbestos.

At least Ray has his appointment through to see the specialist although we had fun working out where the hospital was. We didn’t even know there was a hospital at Hernebay. There is and we have found it on Google earth so we know where to go on May 10th. Now the sweat is on that the Angiogram appointment comes through from Margate  Hospital.

We have a suspicion that this is going to mess up our summer plans so we have to work around all this. What with My appointments we are really getting the best out of the NHS we can never moan, can we.

I made a lovely Curry for dinner Welcome in the first days of Spring with the fresh flavours of South East Asia. This Malaysian lamb rendang is our ‘recipe of the week’ on LifelineOnline, our free website for Slimming World members.


A slimming world recipe and it was lovely and Ray ate every bit. He does love a curry.

At last Devils Dust is out on DVD in Australia


An intensely personal drama based on one of Australia’s most shocking corporate scandals, Devil’s Dust tells the story of ordinary Australians caught in a web of deception in the James Hardie asbestos saga.

The two-part series follows four people – led by everyday hero and ex-Hardie’s employee Bernie Banton (Anthony Hayes) – thrown together by a tragedy that becomes a high-stakes battle through the corridors of corporate, political and media power.

Spanning four decades, Devil’s Dust shows industrial manufacturer James Hardie first cover up its knowledge of the dangers of its asbestos mining and products and then threaten compensation plans by moving the company overseas.

The world needs shocking -as scenes like this are around the world even today

men today

rays Blog


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