Living With Mesothelioma–My Diary– We lost a Mesowarrior today -and I have at last got an answer to my pain.

Well I have had a strange day today.


Who would expect to go to have your feet looked at and end up having  the answer to pain in my Lung, legs and feet, that has kept me awake on and off for months.

We all complain about Mesothelioma pain, the ache in the shoulder blade and across the shoulder itself from the neck. The porthole and the shooting pains across the chest. and then the legs and feet, Walking has been hard and getting up from a chair and the car seat have been awful. I fall over as you know from my blog and it looks like MS at times.

I had an appointment to  have my toenails looked at, as I lost them and the regrowing has been very painful. W

ell!!!! Its not so much the toenails  They are regrowing and I will have to wait for them to grow over all the bumps but if they get infected then she will take them off. But we had a interesting chat about Chemo and the way it stops, halts cells from growing. So all things like nails and skin go on halt. Then start growing again when Chemo is finished. Then she tested my feet. Circulation is great, you hear the blood pumping through the veins fine but when it came to  could I feel, her testing whether I felt things, ermmm I have no feeling until she gets to under my feet. Every Toe has no feeling.
So she has passed me over to my Doctor for pain killers so I can sleep and she has recommended to him certain drugs that are for nerve pain so that will help all the pains in my Lung and chest. It has taken a doctor of the feet to work out what I need for Mesothelioma.
Podiatrist : A Podiatrist cut the toenails on of a women
She is so pleased I have been wearing the shoes i have been wearing as she said I could do a lot of damage in ordinary shoes and not feel it happening.
I  go Thursday to see the Doctor.
We went to tesco and got E45 to wash with and E45 to smooth on and  encourage the skin to grow all over my body again –never knew it was so damaged
But she said I had so much chemo more than most
She really understands mesothelioma and Chemo  Bless her.
I have had to light a candle today for a dear friend in Australia. She has always been with me through my journey and we used to talk on camera often
She lost her fight while we slept so it was a big shock to hear when we got up today.
Belinda runs the campsite Arno Bay so we never talked about Meso but about camping and she poked the camera out of the door so I could see the site. It was hard to see, but we had a laugh as the picture messed up and she pulled to hard  !!
My heart goes out to Steve, Nathan and Justin at this sad time.
So sad to lose another beautiful friend. An amazing and courageous woman who will always be remembered with love. RIP beautiful Belinda xxx
arno bay
Her beloved Arno Bay where she lived the dream.

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