Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Ray has had a good day hooray!!

Photo: ~<3~ Marie Witte, American (FINE ART)~<3~

It was a free day from appointment’s at the GP today and then the phone went. It was our GP phoning for Ray OH No!! a thousand things went through my mind as ray cam and sat by me. I kept say Ok but Ray just looked so serious and I couldn’t get a clue from from anything he was answering,

When Ray put the phone down it was just the Doctor asking if he could give Ray blood testing strips that were cheaper than the ones he had now. Golly I was so relieved I had visions of us rushing around in an emergency.

So we relaxed again.  Ray had taken his new tablets and he has felt so much better today so we now know they had been to strong and were taking his blood pressure right down . He feels a little shaky but not that devastating tiredness.  So another problem solved and he has been wide awake all day and helping my neighbour to get on the net so Louis and i have had time on our own today.

Louis walk was so nice in the warmer weather and with the promise of a great weekend we are going to make the most of it.

Washing done again and dried in the air so the Electric bill will be better this quarter, that’s a relief.

I made a great curry with Naan bread for dinner tonight

Beef curry with naan bread

Photo: Sitara Aankhen  Good morning friends :)

I love this picture it reminds me of the summer to come –Well I can hope cant I ?

The Forsythia is just coming out on our trees I just love the fact Im here to see it .

Photo: forsythia . to me a sea of yellow waving through the streets is a sure sign of spring

Every year in the Autumn when i tidy the garden for winter I wonder if I will be here to see Mother Nature put on her spring scene again for me.

Will I see my bulbs and blossom unfold for me again and so I love sitting out in the back garden and just watch the birds, look at the flowers.

The simple things in life i love now.  A bird was singing away as I unpegged the washing  and I stopped and listened –sweet music to my ears reminding me Im still here Mr Narty hasnt got me yet xx


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