Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Been to see the GP and got my new pills

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Love Fairies !

I had to go to the Doctor to sort out the new nerve  pain tablets and he was superb.

Ray and I went together as Ray had to have a blood test  and we had forgotten it was Market Day and they have it in the car park.

It was raining so I said it wouldn’t be busy, Wrong!! it was full but we did find a spot OK.

Ray and I sat in different areas in the surgery and that made me laugh as I looked round.

I went in just as Ray was called in.

Always pleased to see my GP he is a cutie. I said on my Facebook when I got home — Comes to something when Your GP says “Ray looks very frail Im worried” yikes !! I was In my appointment for my pills and he is more worried about Ray he then said email me when you want higher dosage tablets if these aren’t strong. enough I trust you Wow Love my Doc I trust him as well –so much.

That has really worried me now and Im so pleased the GP is chasing Rays appointment.

So we went round to the Chemist and Ray got my tablets while I popped into the bank to pay in a cheque.

I now have ,Amitriptyline is a type of medicine called a tricyclic antidepressant (TCA). This type of medicine acts on nerve cells in the brain. to take at night if they dont work enough I can have another sort as well as he said it could be a combination that is needed.

I realised he hadn’t given me the cream for my skin, the cells are not back to normal after Chemo and the GP had said he would give me something better than E45.

I emailed to ask and an email came back to say he had faxed it through to Chemist and yes! it arrived later this afternoon Epaderm, a very weird looking cream, its like Butter.

Epaderm is an emollient used for the treatment of dry skin, including conditions such as Eczema It contains emulsifying wax and yellow soft parafin.

So that’s me all set up now  and I cant wait to take the first one tonight .

The rest of the day has been spent baking bread and cooking lunch and dinner. Fish in a lemon sauce and even Ray ate every bit up.

Debbie is in the papers again I love it when we Warriors raise this sort of awareness

The South West Mesothelioma Support Group, which is based at the Macmillan Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centre at Derriford Hospital, teamed up with local photography group iPlymouth at the end of last year to produce a 2013 charity calendar.
They raised £4000 –well done xx

Poor Debbie is back in Hospital with her infection, I dont think they really cleared up the last one.


This is the picture that Christine of IATP bought all the way from the US for me from the ADAO conference.

She collected with Yvonne Waterman signigtures of people there for me it was a great surprise.


There are more on the back. There was a book as well with all our stories in there.


So I have so many souvenirs of a lovely weekend.


It has been a wonderful year so far and  I love these Awards IATP and ADAO it reminds me of all the people that have come together around the world because of the sadness of Asbestos and the greed of governments.

We have to ban all Asbestos we just have to. The future needs to be able to breath again.

To many people are dying, not only older men but  women and younger people as we have realised there is asbestos in schools and young people are DIYing. All the programs on TV have encouraged us to DIY and that has bought many more people in contact with asbestos.


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