Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary- Spring has sprung –Well April Showers At Least And good News From MARF









Well its raining all night and morning but its warmer .

The daffodils are all out as well

I love pictures of natural growth of the proud and frail looking flowers. They have had to stand up to the cold and they must be so pleased its warmer now.

I got up very late as the new tablets knocked me right out although I could feel my toes hurting through the fog of sleep. I didn’t like to take paracetamol as well but tonight I will and see if the pain can subside.

By the time I came on my computer it was 9am already so the day was just running away with me.

Had a good walk with Louis and Zonk I dropped off again in my chair.

So now Im wide awake and have cooked dinner of chicken sweet and sour and a semolina pudding.

My son has phoned as he is off to Cyprus (Northern Cyprus) this hasn’t got the troubles of the south which is doing very bad money wise. The North under Turkey is doing very well and to think they were on the verge of going into the common market. I have his flight number so I can track his flight all the way on the App I have.   A must watch video for mesothelioma


A real breakthrough in the US great news from MARF

BAP1 is the first gene discovered in mesothelioma. Not everyone has the mutated copy of this gene and, in fact, we are just embarking on trials to try to get a better handle on the incidence.

In germ line mutations (inherited mutation), the gene is thought to be extremely rare but has some interesting associations with uveal melanoma (melanoma of the eye), renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) and an unpigmented nevi (a skin lesion without color). It is thought that approximately 25% of mesothelioma patients will have somatic mutations (those that occur spontaneously).  We had an entire session devoted to this at the 2013 Symposium and the full presentation is included with this post.

It is important because we now have a gene that is being researched by a number of studies, all looking to exploit this new discovery. Currently, the research goal of the BAP1 gene is for prevention and early detection of mesothelioma. For example, asbestos exposed individuals who carry this gene can be studied to determine if a cancer signal can be picked up before the development of mesothelioma. The idea is that if you have a germ line mutation, you and your immediate family will be screened for cancers associated with this gene in the hope of picking up an early malignancy. Also, researchers will study ways to turn off this gene, if defective.

The breakthrough and a better treatment maybe ??



Said when I asked was she jumping for joy ” yes with a big grin on my face…it really provides hope and a new area of research to focus on These targeted drugs hold huge potential to reverse disease”

So we will have to wait and hope it comes in time for us.

Rays Bog


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