Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A day out with the Lambs

The sun was out and then the rains came again.

We did get a great walk in our local park which was great. Louis off lead is a great sight and he had a good run around chasing the ball.

The lambs look better in the fields now it has warmed up

Its when I really think I should go Veggie how can we eat this wonderful animals.

We also saw a lovey Partridge as it ran across the road

We waited while it got into the field so that we didnt run it down.

  • Our son and family have gone to Northern Cyprus and I had their flight number but Terry didnt want me to track it in case it dropped off the radar and I would worry. The very reason why I did watch it all the way.
  • line: Pegasus Airlines
  • Flight: PC502
  • From: London, Stansted (STN)
  • To: Tymvou, Ercan (ECN)
  • Aircraft: Boeing 737-82R (B738)
  • ETA: 16:14 UTC (in 02:01)
  • Reg: TC-AAU
  • Altitude: 37000 ft (11278 m)
  • Speed: 480 kt (889 km/h, 552 mph)
  • Track: 137°
  • Hex: 4B8435
  • Squawk: 3470
  • Pos: 46.3352 / 20.9883
  • Radar: T-LZIB4
  • They arrived in Turkey to change their Plane to Cyprus But I was happy they were there. At times you couldn’t see his plane as it was just a jumble of planes. makes you realise how busy it is in the air.
  • img_main

The scenery In Northern Cypress which they will enjoy from their Villa.

Ray has his appointment for his angiogram  so that’s the two appointments in now our Gp really did chase it up.

We had a card to remind us about Louis jabs and saw the passport had run out we should have had the jab in end of march–panic!!! but the vet said there is no worry now as so long as he isn’t travelling back to the UK for 3 months there is no worry. This is the new DEFRA rules that are more relaxed now.

So Louis is all booked for next week.

My feet were so much better last night as i took 2 paracetamol as well with my Amitriptyline. That worked and I slept well.


We have to watch mold in the house that can make you ill as well

  • Found mold in bathroom.
  • Accidentaly cut into the wall, releasing the mold spores into the home.
  • Once the spores were released it set off a series of health problems, including: rashes, diabetes, constant vertigo in one of their children, blurred vision, severe abdominal pain, and migraines.
  • The problem in the home worsened because mold remediators used fans in the home and simply spread the toxic spores throughout the home.

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