Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Louis went to the vets. He wasnt a happy bunny

Im doing my blog early as I have to shower and get Louis dinner early as he has to be nil by mouth after 6.

We took him to the vets this morning. He was getting his booster jabs. Gosh he goes into a wobbly jelly routine as he gets to the door of the vets. he hates going there.

He sat on the floor and a little King Charles was sitting with him trying make friends  but Louis was to busy panting. I have never seen his tongue hang so low. He is pitiful.

The little King Charles went in.


They weren’t there long

Then it  was Mr Louis turn



He didnt want to go so I had to pick him up and get him to the table.

He had his jabs and his heart is good and his ears he is a healthy dog for an old dog the vet said. AN OLD DOG and then we worked out he is 7 years old but I feel he has years ahead of him.

He wants him in tomorrow to take some teeth out as since he was attacked by those 2 Staffs and he lost a tooth his bottom teeth have grown outward and have been digging in his top gums where they have become sore,

So tomorrow we have to get him to the vets and he will be operated on sometime –oh dear locked in a cage all day -Im going to have one grumpy little man. So its nil by mouth from 6pm.

Myself I have had a good nights sleep and the tablets work fine now so the pain has been numbed in the lung and hands and feet.

I came home and washed the car and cut  the growing tips out of the 2 conifers in the front garden.

Made a great lunch, Parma ham with soft cheese and chives from the garden chopped all wrapped up, spread with a little honey, served with roasted tomatoes and a tiny salad. slice of home made bread.

Different and lots of nice tastes.

My brother sent me some interesting interest of Seasalter

The Battle of Graveney Marsh

The Battle of Graveney Marsh, which occurred on the night of 27 September 1940 in Kent, England, was the last action involving a foreign invading force to take place on mainland British soil. The fighting took place between the crew of a downed German Junkers Ju 88 bomber and a detachment of soldiers from the 1st Battalion London Irish Rifles in Seasalter.

On 27 September, British Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane fighter planes from No. 66 and No. 92 Squadron RAF attacked what they recognized as a new variant of Junkers 88 over Faversham. An order had been issued to them to capture one such aircraft intact if possible. One of the bomber’s engines had already been damaged by anti-aircraft fire during a raid on London and the Spitfires were able to destroy its remaining engine, forcing the pilot to make a crash landing on Graveney Marsh.

When the London Irish Rifles arrived at the scene from their billet at the Sportsman Inn in nearby Seasalter, the four German crew members had unexpectedly armed themselves with machine guns from the aircraft and a submachine gun. After a heavy exchange of gunfire, during which one German airman was shot in the foot, the Germans surrendered to their opponents and were taken prisoner.

Captain John Cantopher succeeded in disarming a demolition charge which enabled the bomber, which was equipped with a new and very accurate type of bombsight, to be captured for examination by British experts. The aircraft was taken to Farnborough Airfield where it was said to have “provided highly valuable information” Cantopher was subsequently awarded the George Medal for his action.

In September 2010, the London Irish Rifles Regimental Association marked its 70th anniversary by unveiling a commemorative plaque at the Sportsman pub.

Wikipedia, the freeencyclopedia that anyone can edit.

He was in the Airforce and so my younger brother and I we all have a interest in planes. The older planes have such character.

I have worked with the modern planes at GEC Rochester.


Rays Blog and tells the story as it really was ha ha !!


One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Louis went to the vets. He wasnt a happy bunny

  1. Poor louis, my cats hate going to the vets, they make so much noise with their yowling, they sound as though they are being kidnapped.
    Glad to hear you are sleeping well, what are the new tablets called

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