Living With mesothelioma -My Diary- Louis has had most of his teeth out

I have had a nervous day as we had to take Louis to the vets so early and leave him there.

It is so hard to see your little boy go down the stairs to the cages to be locked up until they can operate.

Louis has never been right with his teeth as he has been toothless  on the sides top and bottom.

The vet said they might grow but they never did in all the 6 years we have had him.

Then when he was attacked by the two dogs a tooth fell out in the front bottom row. I didn’t know then that the whole row of teeth were very loose and that’s why his bottom jaw went over the top teeth and they were digging in the gums.

Apparently dogs wont show pain as it is a sign of weakness so that puts them in danger.

Well we went to Canterbury for some shopping retail but neither of us could relax.

I bought 2 rolls of wall paper to line my kitchen cupboards out with and that is what I did when we got home. It filled the time up but when we phoned at 2pm they said he had just come off the  table and was fast asleep.

We couldn’t wait for 5pm so we left early but we were lucky and Louis came rushing up the stairs to me his tail banging on the wall as he came up.

He is very tired and keeps sleeping he has had a bit of the special tin of food they gave him but he is doing well.

louis tooth day

I have had a sneaky look and what teeth he has are pearly white like the tooth paste advert -the smile that gleams. But I cant see to many teeth though.

He now could do this advert      he he !!!

He is very quiet and we will be giving him his medication which must be antibiotics I think

He will have a good nights sleep and be back to his old self tomorrow

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