Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Watched the moon travel over the night sky











The moon was very weird last night it was very bright but just a sliver at the bottom was showing none of these pictures fit what I saw last night  as the silver silver was at the bottom. It wassnt cloudy so I dont know why it looked like that.

I couldn’t sleep and I watch as it traveled over the sky and down to the Horizon. Then I found I found I did finally drop off into a wonderful sleep.

We got up to a blue sky and sunshine and yet there had been a hard frost and the Garden table was covered in it.

I put my fingers in to the cool ice and melted the shape of my hand.

Louis ran back indoors before me.

Ray took him off for a walk and I did my usual housework. I watched for my boys to come home and then made a tea for Ray

I wanted to finish off i the garden so that’s what we did as Ray helped and supervise me doing the shredding. I had cut back my Rosemary bush so when shredding  the smell was divine.

That was soon completed and we made lunch.

I popped out after a nap and finished cutting more bushes and now the job ia all done and although I ache I also feel very well. Im sure exercise makes the lung so much stronger.

I have my results tomorrow so just a bit wonky about what the news will be -. Its a worry that is always there so lets get it over with I will know by 11.30am

I read an article about Mold and they are saying there is a link between mold and cancer. So get the bleach out and zap any mold in the bathroom.

lung cancer and mold

The Link Between Mold and Cancer
Aflatoxins are a type of mycotoxin produced by the Aspergillus species of mold. This common mold tends to grow on crops: primarily corn, peanuts, and grains. When we eat enough of these moldy foods, or eat animals that eat them, we can get liver cancer. For this reason, the FDA has established a maximum allowable level of total aflatoxin in food commodities of 20 parts per billion (ppb) and 0.5 ppb in milk products.
There are other cancers associated with mold as well, including testicular, breast, and lung cancer.
Perhaps the greatest attention towards mold has been on the issue of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) which is typically a product of breathing indoor-air contaminated by mold and/or chemical toxins. Things such as flooding, or poor building contruction, design, or ventilation, can bring on the problem.
The worst problems have been caused by mold and particularly ‘toxic black mold’, Stachybotrys. A headline in Sweden read “The Mold in the School is Cancer Causing.” At this particular school, 40% of the staff that worked there for five years or more were diagnosed with cancer. These statistics are hard to ignore.
Bottom line, mold is bad for health and long term exposure can have a debilitating effect.
If you have mold in your home or business, take action and get a professional assessment.

Rays blog he has been back to his old self I think its the sun it makes everyone feels better


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