Living with Mesothelioma- My Diary- The big shock -here we go again

Ray walked Louis as I got ready to go to the hospital for my results.

I took my awards to show Dr Cominos and we arrived in good time.

Three nurses went in first to get things signed and from the conversation They had just  passed to be able to be fully fledged nurses.

I went in and asked if I could take her photo as well as show my Awards.Why she said you won then–Not without you help you have kept me fighting x


Meet my Oncologist we have come a long way together and she love the awards and the IATP had Mesowarrior etched on it which she found amusing.

All smiling then five seconds later the smiles went.

I said so it stable and she said “well no not really”

My heart dropped out of my body.

Right here is the report CT Chest abdomen and Pelvis With Contrast.

There has been a definite  increase in the size of the previously noted left side pleural mass lesions when comparison is made with the previous study 03/12/12 A marker nodule in the right upper zone region in the line of the oblique fissure now measures 15mm in depth when previously about 7mm no new right sided abnormality is identified. no significant lymphadenopathy is seen. the enlarged left lobe of the thyroid gland is noted. no significant hepatic abnormality is identified and no lymphadenopathy below the diaphragm is seen. the dilated pelicalyceal collecting system of the kidney is noted but no ureteric dialation is seen and features may well reflect an element of PLJ obstrucytion on that side the right kidney appears atrophic.


There has been significant increase in the size of the nodular mass lessions in the line of the pleura on the left hand when compared with the study of 03/12/12 featuresNo definaite evedence of the deseas activity below the diaphram was seen

2 Doctors Verified this all

Well thats it in all its glory.

We have left it as an appointment in 6 weeks for her to sort out with St Barts what can be offered in the way of trials or treatment.

Also to let Ray get sorted out and back on the road to recovery.

Thats how we have left it all.

Ray was in tears and Dr Cominos was so sympathetic as we have been so strong through all this.

We are in shock tonight so I will start researching tomorrow where we can go from here where my options lay.

We have bought some Chocolate to comfort ourselves tonight we needed cheering up .

What a mess.


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13 thoughts on “Living with Mesothelioma- My Diary- The big shock -here we go again

  1. So sorry that it wasn’t good news this time, Mavis; you and Ray were due a break, that’s for sure. But, it’s another chance for you to break new ground and inspire others all over again. Thinking of you both & admiring your ceaseless courage. -H xx

  2. So sorry that the news wasn’t good this time, Mavis. You and Ray were certainly due a break. However, it’s another opportunity to break new ground & inspire others all over again. Sending love to you both.

  3. The right words aren’t simple to find and I so know this isn’t the news you wanted, but there are still options and from everything I have read over the the last two years my thoughts are with you

  4. Dear Mavis and Ray..
    Warm hugs to you both x.

    Ray you will start to feel better soon, you are like Steve (partner) you have both had an early warning and have been given a second chance to help and to heal your heart.

    Mavis I know this is a shock for you but I’m sure you will have more options with treatments. You have fought so hard and I believe that together you and Ray can come through this.

    You have such a strong energy ( if that makes sense)

    Thinking of you both x

    Love Sally xxxx

  5. Mavis & Ray, so sorry that it wasn’t better news. You are both in our thoughts, and we hope that you are able to remain strong for each other,as you continue the battle ahead.
    Kindest regards,

    Jock & Rita. xx

  6. Thanks every one Im now in the realms of -No one Knows as its not been done before. 4th line seems to be a big mystery and I have to unravel it all
    I will still fight Mr Nasty but dont know what with at the moment xxx

  7. You and ray will fight this togeather Mavis, you have the strength to do it and you have all of us fellow warriors right behind you sending you hugs and a rainbow of strength, if I could walk beside you and hold your hand I would xxxxx

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