Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Letters from the Oncologist

Really had a thousand things run around my head today. The thought of Chemo is not a good one and we know that I will be in a bad place as I take the poisen into my veins. They say that to much knowledge is bad and thats true as Im becoming an expert in Mesothelioma from a patients point of view.

I have received letters from My Oncologist. Well copies of letters she has been sending. I didn’t think she would have worked that quick. I should have had more faith really. Bsrts will see I haven’t been telling them anything but the truth though so They now have in writing everything that I have reported to them.

One was an appointment to see her in June.

One was reporting to my GP the results of the scan and that she is writing to Dr Steele, only she calls him Professor Steele,? She wants to know if there ar any new trials.

The other letter is to Professor Steel giving all the details of my  scan and treatment. and asking if there were any trials.

She also says if not she will proceed with Pemetrexed this time with Carboplatin orVinorelbine.

It just means Im ahead now and I have all the answers for her and please can she get permission to use GemCarbo. I have emailed this request to my CRN so by Monday I can chase some answers.

My Australian friend Rod gave a great report of what they use in Australia  Rod Smith By what i know our first line attacks these days are:
(1) Cisplatin & Alimta [normally six rounds, but could be more – depending on how a sufferer handles it]
CT ot PET scan after about 3 or 4 rounds.
(2) Carboplatin & Alimta
(3) Maybe more Carbo & Alimta
(4) Alimta by itself
(5) Gemcitabine
Some oncologists will go Cisplatin & Gemcitabin instead of Alimta.
Lou started of with Cisplatin & Gemcitabine.
Alimta was not on the free list until 2007, so Gemcitabine was the chemo of choice to mix with Cisplatin.
Julie had 3 x Cisplatiin & Alimta; 6 x Carbo & Alimta; 6 x Garbo & Alimta and 4x Alimta by itself. The one last Alimta.

So much drugs its a wonder we don’t glow in the dark.

So we have had a very quiet day.  I keep finding my self drifting into thought of past and present.  Im so pleased i have done all the garden as I wont be allowed to touch the soil incase of infection. I have been collecting up all my wipes and spray, I thought I had finished with them.

I have phoned family and had a chat. Trying to keep their spirits up and not to worry to much, they know I will fight  again.

I went to take Louis out but he didn’t want to walk up the road so I cant false him.  It has turned so cold so I was happy to come back home.

IATP have announced their Action Mesothelioma  UK Day Friday 5th July where they will be releasing Balloons as a way to build Funds for the charity


Should be great fun in Birmingham that day. More details to come.

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