Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Chemo all sorted here in K&C Hospital –phew!!

I got up and waited until 9am and then phoned my CNS but the answerphone told me she was on holiday.

I hunted through and googled to find the phone number of my Oncologists Secretary, I got through and poured out the whole story of Friday to her.

It ended up a long story but we got there and she said to would talk to my Oncologist.

I hung around all day waiting and waiting, scared to go out as I didn’t want to miss a call.

Ray took Louis out and then later I did after we had lunch. no call.

I left it until 3 and phoned and had to leave a message as it said the secretary was away tomorrow. I thought that would be the end until Wednesday.

BUT the phone rang at 3.30pm  It was my Oncologist. So I explained again just what happened on Friday and she said yes I can have GemCarbo Chemotherapy but she didn’t realise it was being used on Mesothelioma.

That throws me but she did know it was used on Lung Cancer. She is willing to go for it and will send a consent form for me to sign and take back on Wednesday.

So Im in Chemo in 2 weeks time.

I have emailed Barts and thanked Peter for all he has done and asked if I can know what the results are of my kidney blood test.

So at last I can relaxed and see what happens now.

hugs 5

I do its been so stressful since last Monday and now we have to get through Rays Angogram tomorrow. Cant wait to get that out the way by this time tomorrow we will know the damage in his heart and what they will do.

Dave next door is running us to Margate so we are settled there.

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One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Chemo all sorted here in K&C Hospital –phew!!

  1. Hi I’m new to all this but wanted to find others in the Canterbury area with mesothelioma as my mum was diagnosed in December. She lives in herne bay and doesn’t know of anyone else with the same. If you have any help groups or websites we could visit that would be great. Sally xx

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