Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Mr Nasty will have to watch out soon his days are numbered Again!!

Well I had a better day today as I took my tablets and the experiment is over. Its painful a bit but that should be better tomorrow as I get more tablets down.

Im glad I did it as I thought I was being so clever with hardly any pain just odd bits and my big toes. I have learnt my lesson.

Debbies T Shirt is right now as she is going into Chemo at the same time hers is May 10th I will be about then if not before.

Photo: This T -Shirt was made for my 50th birthday. I love it, it has an important personal message from me to my mesothelioma, Theo.

I had a email and my Chemo will be changed by Barts

Many thanks for your email. I have yet to see your blood tests but will let you know soon.

I have written to Dr Cominos about the gemcitabine and carboplatin option and on balance think that it would be best to give gemcitabine alone due to the cisplatin allergy that you had before. Cisplatin allergy is actually rarer than carboplatin allergy and although we swap cisplatin for carboplatin allergy (in ovarian cancer quite commonly and increasingly in tumours of the chest), the same is not true the other way round (unfortuanately!). It may be possible to do desensitisation on the cisplatin but this requires specialist input.
Thus, I think gemcitabine alone Day 1 and repeated again on Day 8 every 3 weeks.

With warmest regards,

So I agree to that as I go along with anything they can find that will hit Mr Nasty.

I phoned my Hospital and asked if the consent form was in the post and the Secretary said she had just typed it but it also says in the letter that I can take it with me on my first appointment where they will take my bloods and tell me how the treatment will be administered. Which is usually 2 days before treatment as you have to take steroids and Folic acid  and a Vitamin B jab –oh no here we go again.


Its like the eclipse the sun shines before and it will shine again.

Im very happy today I feel good and smiling again as I have been so i the dumps, what with Ray and his heart attack.

Everything has come at once.

me and saying

Found this today and I thought it was a great  of me ha ha !!!

My shopping came today OK and I got everything away in the cupboard -good old Asda On Line.

There is no way ray and I can walk around  there shop, he cant walk very far, I would need the trolley to push Ray in. Anyway Im getting used to it now being delivered.

I made a lovely soup today using carrots apple onion all chopped up and cooked in chicken stock. Liquidized it and served it was lovely.

TonightI cooked Rays fav Beef Tikka. Well it slow cooked all day that was very good.

Tess is going to continue hers after a great shrinkage report. It really  cheers you up and then a sad note when someone has found my Blog and has just been diagnosed.

She live right be me so I expect we will meet up and I will introduce her to Facebook and out great community. The Mesowarriors are very special xx

Rays Bog for today


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