Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Medical Letters are coming through the Letterbox

I cant believe how today has turned from a lovely sunny day at 6am and by 9am it clouded over and the wind got up clouds came over. Then this afternoon it was sunny and the wind dropped.

You just never know what to do what to wear.

I did the  washing and it really blew dry in the wind. My heart was in my mouth as the clothes were blown straight out I was sure I was going to loose the lot., but the pegs held out and clothes dried.

Ray and I got letters from the hospital. Rays was a copy of what was sent to his Doctor for next weeks appointment at Herne Bay. He has 2 arteries blocked one very bad but they think the answer is a stent. So it is recommended thats what he should have.

My letter was my consent form for anti-cancer treatment which I have to sign and take with me on my first appointment so that must be on its way to me. When they have a vacant chair. So things are moving for both of us.

Ray  gave Louis 2 little walks and I played ball with him and also took him for a walk and he met his friend Peggy. She is a little dog of a neighbours and he sits and watches her from the settee all day. He gets upset when she barks but when she goes in he sits and watches for her to come out again.

I think I better buy some Spaghetti ha ha !!!

Everyone is being so kind as they learn about Ray and myself we do seem to have a tough road ahead but we will get through.

My family ring everyday and email. And We have the backing of our facebook community with the Mesowarriors we cling together and keep fighting each others battle.

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I treasure the memories we make together and the kindness we show each other.

Many families raise money for Charity like Debbies son does every year

Father and son from Plymouth raise money for cancer charity

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

By CARL EVE Herald Reporter

A FATHER and son are yet again taking part in a 24-hour relay to raise money for Cancer Research.

David and Kieran Brewer, from St Budeaux, have taken part in the relay for the last three years.

  1. David Brewer and son Kieran take part in the Relay for Life every year

    David Brewer and son Kieran take part in the Relay for Life every year

David, aged 46, began to raise money for the charity after Debbie – his ex-wife and 16-year-old Kieran’s mother – was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

The Relay for Life takes place over the weekend of May 25, this year at Lux Park in Liskeard.

David and Kieran will join fellow fundraisers walking around a 400metre track as many times as they can within the space of 24 hours.

Some competitors have reached distances as far as 31 miles although David said the pair will do their very best.

David said he was spurred into fundraising after his ex-wife was diagnosed with cancer. His son has previously raised money for the charity taking part in a 12-hour music radio marathon.

He said: “Every year, Kieran and myself with some friends take part in a Cancer Research event called Relay For Life.

“It was my ex-partner, Debbie Brewer who inspired us to do this as she suffered from mesothelioma.”

Debbie was diagnosed with the terminal condition mesothelioma – cancer of the lining of the lung, which can lie dormant for 40 years before surfacing – just three months after her father’s death in 2006.

The Relay For Life is an inspirational overnight fundraising event that aims to honour cancer survivors and celebrates life.

Each relay is a community-led, non-athletic event where teams fundraise and then join together in the Relay event.

There, teams take it in turns to walk round a 400m track for 24 hours to signify that ‘cancer never sleeps’.

David said: “This is an international event and the fundraising event that we will be taking part in is in Liskeard.”

As an additional fundraising effort David has this year organised other events including a 12-hour snooker marathon at the Belgrave Snooker club in Belgrave Road, Mutley.

The event today will see Alex “Rubber Pockets” Paton play for 12 hours straight – and other players are urged to offer up £3 to play him.

To donate to David’s fundraising efforts go to and search for “Team Misfits”.

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Well done Kieren your a son in a million give yourself a pat on the back xxx

Rays Blog

One last word would you report to me if you see adverts on my blog as its been pointed out to me that some people see them and others dont –I would hate to offend anyone as I have never seen an advert xxx


2 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Medical Letters are coming through the Letterbox

  1. Hello Mavis

    The advert on this post is for “Giveolgy – give to learn, learn to give”

    Seems to tie in with the bit about funraising for charity?

    Linda x

    • OK Im happy with the fact they are not saucy or naughty ones we have talked to wordpress we are happy with their answer
      The adverts is how it is kept free to us
      So if you se a naughty one it has to be reported.
      Hope you and Steve are well and enjoying everything xxx

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