Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- A lovely Sunday so relaxing.

I slept in to 8am this morning that was just wonderful and i felt good.

I haven’t even taken a pain killer all day as I feel good and we have had a great day, the sun is shinning and the sky is so blue.

I pottered around in the house and Ray took Louis for their walk.

Ray has been pottering around doing my lamp and it is like we have nothing wrong. I wish we could stay like we are today for ever more.

We sat in the back garden watching the birds and the looking at the flowers.

Louis has spent most of the day in the garden –This is summer and its lovely.


The pond has all its yellow flowers out now


Come on Buddha play football with me .


Everything is growing fast and making up for the late cold start.


Now can we go in and you cook my dinner –please!!!

I had a lovely snooze for half an hour and then I made the dinner Beef, courgettes, yellow pepper cooked in orange juice with ginger and garlic served with rice. It was so tasty.

We have had a great day!!

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