Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- A new Patient Chat and Pre-treatment Assesment

Her starts a  Chemo war on Mr Nasty.

Ray and I have had some serous talks about the Chemo and he is in total agreement with me going back into Chemo. Its a talk I had to get out of the way. Chemo has hit my body hard. my skin, my feet, my shins the skin is flaky, my kidney is out of shape, my whole body and now we are about to hit my Liver and bone marrow but Im still here to able to write this blog everyday and that is just wonderful. Ray says if it gives me another year it will be worth it.

So—we went to  Cathedral ward AGAIN. It was lovely to see a nurse who has always been there and she is in a navvy blue uniform. Violet has been promoted Im so pleased as she has always been so caring.

Then my dear friend Toni came in and wish me luck She is the CNS Nurse and we have had lots of good days together. She asked me to be a Patient Rep and we have been in many interesting meetings.

She said if I need any help always call me and I will take her up on that. I gave her the photo to give to DR Cominos ii was the day I was told the nasty has grown back.

The the sweetest little nurse called me in to weigh me,Kate, and then to take all my details and give me all the info. She had read every bit of my notes and was telling me all about my1 kidney and the reaction I had to Cisplatin. I said you have done your homework, she said Im so interested in your case. Wonderful a very very young nurse interested in Mesothelioma. She is even going to buy my book. So many of the Nursing staff have bought it, Im very proud of that.

We went through all my pains and I talked about the new pain that has kept me awake this week. It is in the back of my boob so Im very worried but she has made a note of it and the pain in my back and at the bottom of my lung. We are going on to hit my body very heavily with Chemo.

On the first day of your treatment you’ll have both the gemcitabine and carboplatin, as described. On the same day of the following week (day 8), you’ll have an infusion of gemcitabine only. You’ll then have a rest period of two weeks. This completes a cycle of your chemotherapy. Each cycle lasts for 21 days (three weeks).

You’ll start the next cycle of your treatment after the rest period, which will be three weeks after your first infusions. Usually 4-6 cycles of treatment are given over a period of 3-4 months. This makes up a course of treatment. The diary is fairly full now of dates.

I dont loose my hair so thats  one good thing.

My thermometer is by my bed ready to test if I get a temperature, that will mean Infection and I have to scream for antibiotics.

I have my sprays and hand washes and wow betide anyone sneezes near me.

So that was that and we said our goodbyes. I couldn’t even look in the Chemo room with the row of chairs all round the wall and people with their bags of chemo  pipes feeding the poison into their veins.

I will see all that on Friday now.

I called in at Tesco and we got Rays new Puffer that the Cardiac Nurse prescribed this morning when she visited. She was very nice and has totally taken over Rays case and put his mind at rest. Throwing away some of his tablets. We always say we get far to many well it seems we are right so we will see how Ray fares without 2 lots.

So we have both been sorted and are now starting a new pathway.

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3 thoughts on “Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- A new Patient Chat and Pre-treatment Assesment

  1. Mavis (my little poppet), it’s whatever matters most to you and Ray, that becomes the priority, with family coming in close behind.

    The way that you take everything on board, deal with the options, and then make those life changing decisions, which you know are sometimes going to make you feel quite ill, is really astonishing. You are an absolute inspiration to us all.
    Good luck with the next “chemo hurdle” my sweet.

    Jock xxx

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