Posted by: rayandmave | May 24, 2013

Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– Chemo Day 1 Week 1 Oh yes! we are back in the fight again!!

Chemo Day Oh dear I hate it and I was so nervous about what I was doing but I neednt have worried.

Very efficient, everything all laid out in a 2 drawers and there was my tablet to bring home, Steroids and sick tablets. The chemo was delivered as they make it on site and so I settled into my chair and then the fun began.

They couldnt find a vein. They tried and tried and finally one behaved and gave up trying to play hide and seek.

So that means I have to have a PIC Line. I didn’t want that as it means a visit from the District Nurses to keep it clean.


So I have had Gemcitabine that took an hour and Carboplatin That took 1/2 hour a blessing after Cisplatine and Alimata taking 10 hours plus

They did give me antihistamine’s to make sure there was no reaction to  Carboplatin as they are both Platinums and they do cause a reaction in some people.

The day has gone well but I did get home and fell fast asleep.

I did feel a bit sick but I have taken more sickness tablets and 2 more steroid as they have to be taken before 4.30pm or you wont be able to sleep at night if taken later.

So thats it I have had a nice dinner of Steak pie and vegetables.

My next app is bloods on May 29th and PIC Line fitted at the same time.As Im back in Chemo , Carboplatin on Friday 31st –this is a hard going big hit

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