Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Chemo 4th Line Day 3 -Neighbour At last cuts his hedge right down so that is a good thing.

I swore I wouldn’t say this BUT!! Its so hot today. Iv taken my temperature and Im normal, But the house isnt.

Windows and doors are open its 8pm and it is still hot.

 My chocolates are even in the fridge


We have tidied up together and Louis Has had a lovely play at the park.

Ray had taken him for his usual walk this morning but after lunch of a low fat cheese salad we took Louis.

When I got back the bushes in between us and the neighbor at the back were all shaking and a man appeared over the hedge he was on a chair and cutting his hedge back. Brill so I went and spoke to him and we chattered and I put on a gardening  glove and got my Cutters out and dived in on this side so we have a tidy hedge at last.

So pleased I took my solar lights off the tree first or this man would have cut right through.

A very good job done and we got rid of some of the cuttings that were all on my side.


So all that hedge is down to the fence top now.


We have finished off watching Les Mis it wasn’t so miserable this time as we have seen it so much .

I feel fairly well on this Chemo. I go through times when I feel drunk, whoosie, But that goes off.

I have had a lovely pork chop rice and vegetables with a sweet and sour poured over it instead of a gravy and a maderin orange and yogurt with a  meringue nest.

So that was my day, soon be off to bed so just relaxing.

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