Living With Mesothelioma – My Diary- 4th Line Chemo Day 4 week 1 Wonderful Sunny Day Again


Spending the Bank Holiday at home has been very nice and has made a change but it means all our friends are away and I have missed them even if they have kept in touch via Facebook and Twitter, do you ever have a break from your phones xx Only joking it has cheered me up to know you have all had a great time.


There was room for us up there this year xxx

I got up late while Ray gets up early now but it means I have a cup of coffee in bed, its been a long time since Ray did that as he doesn’t get a chance as Im always up first.

I did get up when Ray took Louis out for his usual walk.

I Tidied up and then decided to go out in the car. Ray had to keep using his puffer though. It might be the warmth in the car or we both did to much in the back garden yesterday. You never know when to say right ring the hospital. But he did ease it with the puffer and is comfortable now at home.

He bought me a new keyboard and mouse, as know I have been moaning about this one sticking so now I have a new one.

I tried to  walk Louis while Ray was in the shop but I can only creep about and I feel so woozy, but I must say the side effects are going well.  One thing we have both noticed is my ankles are right skinny again. Does that mean my kidney is tip top condition now. I will have to ask what the readings were as no one has said, but as I started chemo it must be.

I bought long skirts to cover up my swollen ankles and now it seems I didn’t need to, but I will wear them, I should have worn them now but Im not in the mood to dress up.

Debbie Is back in Hospital and needs Oxygen when she goes home, Ian from Dubai is doing very well and has walked in London today after just having the Pleurodesis The op for sticking  Lung Lining to the chest wall and take a Bi_Op while there .

So the sun is going down on a lovely day and I hope everyone is Ok for work tomorrow.

Rays Blog  Monday


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