Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary -4th Line Chemo 2nd week day 1 I was so pleased the young Nurses were so curious about Mesothelioma.

What a lovely day its turned out to be. The sun has come out again and it is hot hot hot!!

I sat around this morning so that I was all calm for the Chemo this afternoon. Ray walked Louis, I made lunch and we were ready to go.

My mouth has been so sore through the Chemo so I remembered when we arrived to ask for the mouth wash that they do. It was already on my notes anyway to issue.

They have a good result on my Kidneys through my blood sample but it is on the border line. I also have to much of something in my Liver but Im having a kidney function test next week where they will look at the liver as well.

I don’t want anything wrong I don’t want to have to stop chemo.

They were running very late making the chemo so all the afternoon patients were having to sit and wait. My PICC line had to cleaned so they did that  They gave me my sickness fluid to prevent sickness and a steroid. Then we waited and waited.

Finally the bags of poison came  down. I was all set up and underway. I think every nurse at my end came and spoke to me about Meso. I was really pleased that the younger nurses are really taking an interest.


My Macmillan nurse popped by as well so the time went very quickly.

So that was it we came away and drove home in rush hour traffic.

I was pleased and very tired when I got home but I made the dinner and now relaxing before an early night.

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