Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Chemo Line 4 week 2 Day 3


What a lovely lovely day from dawn to dusk.

We had been awake in the night as poor Louis was sort of Hiccuping away and was frightened. He wanted to eat grass. We let him out and when he finally came in he settled down. I stayed in bed until 10.30 so I thought it was time to get up.

We lazed around until I did Lunch –A smoked salmon in wood chippings, gosh it was lovely.

Ray has coughed all day, funny how that drives you mad when its not you doing it ha ha!!!

I do see the Oncologist tomorrow and Im pleased I do as I have already talked about my tiny tiny ankles, well now its my weight. I have lost a stone in 1week 2 days hmmm. Normally I would love that but I just want to know Im OK so she will give me her opinion tomorrow. Maybe its a thing that happens with this chemo regime just need to check’

Weight Loss
Weight loss is a particularly common problem for people with cancer. Weight loss is the result of the inability to maintain nutrition, which can have many causes in people with cancer. Cancer and its treatment can lead to severe protein-calorie malnutrition, which is the single most common secondary diagnosis in the cancer patient.

Protein-calorie malnutrition exists when the intake of calories is inadequate to meet nutritional needs. This malnutrition may lead to progressive wasting, weakness, debilitation, compromised immune function, compromised intolerance to cancer treatment and, ultimately, death.

Anorexia, the loss of appetite or desire to eat, is the most common symptom in people with cancer. It may occur early in the disease process or later as the tumor grows and metastasizes. This condition is different from “anorexia nervosa,” which is a psychiatric diagnosis.

Anorexia is present in 15 percent to 25 percent of all cancer patients at the time of diagnosis, and it is almost universal in patients with advanced disease. Anorexia is the most common cause of decreased nutrient intake. It can trigger malnutrition and progressive exhaustion from hunger, deterioration with muscle wasting, and body compositional changes.

Cachexia is a clinical wasting syndrome. Symptoms include weakness and a marked and progressive loss of body weight, fat, and muscle. Anorexia and cachexia frequently occur together; however, cachexia can occur in individuals who are ingesting adequate calories and protein but who are not absorbing nutrients well.

It has been estimated that one half of all people with cancer experience cachexia and two thirds of all patients with progressive cancer experience cachexia. Researchers have found that cancer cachexia differs from simple starvation: individuals adapt to simple starvation by decreasing their metabolic rate, whereas in cancer patients, the metabolic rate does not adapt and calories are used inefficiently.


Benefits of good nutrition
Patients who eat well often feel better and have more energy. Eating well during cancer treatment means getting enough calories and protein to help prevent weight loss, regain strength, and rebuild normal tissues.

Eating a balanced diet will help your body cope with whatever side effects you have and will also help you regain your strength. There may be times during chemotherapy when you do not feel like eating. Familiar foods may taste or smell different. Some patients experience a slightly metallic taste when they are chewing.

Good nutrition is important for everyone, but especially for people being treated for cancer. Eating nutritious foods while undergoing cancer therapy can help you:

• Feel better

• Keep up your strength and energy level

• Keep up your weight and your body’s nutrition supply

• Tolerate treatment-related side effects

• Decrease your chance of infection

• Recover and heal as quickly as possible

For more details about the nutritional aspects of your disease, visit the following Web site:

I know there is a problem with my Liver and I wondered if this was where the problem of weight loss is. Anyway I will know all the details tomorrow .

We went off to the Country Park this afternoon and I gave Louis a really great run Throwing the ball with the stick Right up a hill

Victory Wood, view to main ridge

It was lovely in the sun and he ran like the wind


He came home shattered– bless!!!

On the way home from the park I suggested that we called in the farm for potatoes. It was shut ???

We bought some in the new Garage on the Thanet way and it is a Spar but it was great quality.

I cooked them and we had Barbecued Ribs new potatoes and broad beans. mmmm!!!

I also watched a programe on the Queens Coronation

I was 9 years old and remember sitting all day with the curtains pulled so we could see the 9 inch screen.

They also Had a program on about The Dukes mum and really didnt know the sad story

I enjoyed the programe

1885 Alice.jpg

Such a sad story.


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