Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- 4th Line Chemo Day 4 week 2 Went to Oncology today all is very well.

What a day this has been –A good day.

I had to go to see my Oncologist as she wanted to know if I was going to have a bad reaction to the Chemo.

We went to Park and Ride and got the bus to the hospital. Good job we did as when we arrived at the hospital 9.30 the car parks were full.

I went straight to the waiting room and was weighed in. Yes I have lost weight.

Image 1

Dr Cominos then came to get me and we walked to her room. Ray sat there reading a book as he didnt want to go in with his cold. She didnt understand that and was so worried about him. I said he is fine and we are just waiting for the 20th.

I said straight away I have lost weight but look at my ankles I have never seen them so tiny. She said I can see its from all over your body so lets just monitor it as fluid can weigh so much.

She was more worried that she had done the right thing by letting me have the 2 Chemos as Peter had changed his mind and was worried that it the Aluminium I was allergic to. I told her I was thrilled she had overrode it and was working with me. I had sent a email to say at lest try it once and see what happened. Its working I feel so well.

She isnt worried about the Liver or the kidney I said if it does hit them to let it go right to the boundaries. he said that I will do fine so that is it we both trust each other . She wants to know that it will work so she can put others on the Chemo regime. I have the Kidney and Liver test tomorrow anyway.

So that was that she is going to order a scan after the 3rd one and I said I will go for the 6 if I still feel good.

We said good bye.

Of we went and caught the bus into Canterbury and then On to Wincheap. I have been looking for a bed settee but they are all to light and not good to look at as a settee. We went to Nathans -Ray said Nathens they are far to dear. I said you get what you pay for and I want a really good one.

I walked in and there it was the one I had been looking for. I said to the Salesman I want that one. What colour what fabric ?? I said I want that colour that fabric he laughed.

So we have to wait 4 weeks but they are coming in early at the moment.

So that was it we went to Morrisons for lunch and back to the bus to go and collect the car.

The whole day has been so sunny and warm and tomorrow the same they say so lets enjoy it xx

Photo: Two or three grains of rice are the equivalent of 20,000 fibers of asbestos. You don't see them with the naked eye and do not realize until 15-30 years later that those tiny wee fibers are now killing you. And it was greed that has done this to you. Anyone who says you need a big exposure to asbestos before any damage is done does not really know what they are talking about. Either that or they are in the business of selling it. Perhaps you need a larger exposure for asbestosis but for mesothelioma I believe a very small exposure may do the damage. The wife at home washing her husbands overalls. The husband coming home in those same overalls and picking up his children. Glad he is home and with his family at the end of the day. Little knowing his work overalls covered in those fibers are the reason those same children have been diagnosed with mesothelioma many years later and do not know where or how their exposure happened. I hope those registering for their exposure remember to put their children's names on this register also. And if there were schools nearby that they also have their names entered.

This is the picture Im always quoting so many fibres and so tine.


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