Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary-4th Line Chemo Day 5 week 2 Resting today

Not a lot to tell today as I have been chilling out. A lovely sunny day though.

I had a good cleaning the house this morning  as Ray went dog walking. I began to wonder where he got to as he was a long time so I went done the road looking for him and found him talking to neighbours so I stopped worrying.

Came back and I did some toasted crumpets with jam on, and a cup of tea.

Then I decided to cut my hair which didnt take long.

Off we went this afternoon to the park and I had Louise running around off lead. A weird bird was squawking and Louis stopped dead and watched it fly down the field and off he went chasing it, I called and he went deaf. He finally heard me.

I really dont know what happened why it spooked him.









It did look like a Maccaw

I put him on a lead then and walked back to the car.

I have felt really good today although my mouth has been painful but I have now put so much ointment on its gone dead now.

Rays Blog two weeks tomorrow to his op


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