Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary-4th Line 2nd Chemo Day 8 Waiting for the District Nurse.

I cant believe the day today. The whole of the UK are having sun sun sun

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We in the south and specially the South East has had a very cold day. even when the sun came out this afternoon

It was a cold wind blowing off the north sea that has spoilt things.

I had to wait and wait for District Nurse as they dont say what time they can fit you in so it could be anytime. She finally came at 2pm and  cleaned the PICC line. It was blocked  as she tried to draw blood into a syringe, she said that sometimes the line sticks in the vein and if you free it it is ok . So after a good shake she was right it works.

She then cleaned my arm and redressed it and It felt so much better as there had been a little leak of blood that dried.

My mouth is getting so sore and I have special mouth wash and a tube of Orabase Paste  which coats the gums and makes it better.

Every time I eat it starts up again.

Orabase protective paste can be used in the mouth to provide a protective film over sore areas and ulcers Orabase is formulated to adhere to mucous membranes and raw weeping areas. It can be used in the mouth.

The  nurse said there still isnt anyone else in Whitstable and on her rounds with Mesothelioma but she was so pleased to see me again as the records shows she came up to March 2012.  So we had a chat about all that happened in the year since.

When she went I tidied up and sat down and dropped off to sleep.

Macmillan have reported—- Macmillan Cancer Support
You may have seen our CEO Ciarán Devane on the BBC this morning discussing our new report that the number of people in the UK who will get cancer in their lifetime will increase to nearly half the population by 2020. Yet those who do develop cancer will be less likely to die from it, with almost four in 10 (38%) not dying from the disease.

Whilst it is encouraging to see more people surviving cancer, they are likely to have serious side effects as a result, with more services needed to help people stay well at home.

Ciarán has described these figures as “a herculean challenge for the NHS and for society”.

This is very sad to read and I truly believe its all the Chemicals they use and we use in our life.  Or at least they have a lot to answer.

I need to find a farm shop tomorrow Im all out of fruit

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One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary-4th Line 2nd Chemo Day 8 Waiting for the District Nurse.

  1. Lovely reading your post
    Wondered if I could suggest you try Barley green for the post chemo mouth pain. I did and it stopped the burning pain after the second spoonful meaning I had 1 day of discomfort. I did this twice and it worked the same the second time. I had to stop the chemo as it was progressing the meso in my peritoneal cavity and although it was not destined to cure me it was supposed to clear up the Ascites.
    The Ascites cleared up a week after I was discharged from hospital after peritonitis!!!
    The drying up of the Ascites led to the disappearance of the rectocele and the hiatus hernia both having developed as a result of the pressure of the, at times, 9 litres of fluid I carried.
    I too am grateful that I have surpassed the 4 weeks without chemo and the 4-6 months on chemo prognosis and am well enough to have gone back to my life as a midwife only a few hours a week.
    I mourn not being able to wear my other cap in life, that of a remote area nurse, but I am now a slower version of my old self and think I’m better off.

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