Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- 4th Line Chemo Day 9 What a cold day brrrr

Everyone has being saying what a lovely summer day it is –errrr Its freezing in South East Kent

south-east-map (156 x 96)

Would someone please turn the heat up.

After a slow start I finally got showered and dressed and after lunch we went for a drive to Hernebay parking up the hill by the seafront. It looked and cold and by golly it was cold. The wind was blowing so strong the north wind. The waves were so big.

wave2 (1)

The sea looked cold and rough

wave2 (2)

Some people were braving a brisk walk


The sea look swirly and angry


The wave rolled in and broke on the beach.

We walked around in a block and was so glad when we got our of the wind but we had to walk back up the hill and the wind was trying to blow us back -Now I wouldnt mind this but when everyone is saying its so hot I have got the hump ha ha !!!


I want to feel the sun kiss me on the cheek.

Anyway we have had a good day really a quiet Saturday where we relaxed when at home.

Health wise I have a wonderful bruise on my hand where they fluid went in for the Kidney function test and one up the arm where I knocked it yesterday that really shows the Red Cells are low so reminds me to keep away from infections and wash my hands in alcohol or drink it ha ha !!

Other than that I feel very good no pains still breathing is good so long as I dont have to take very big breaths. Im still very happy with the Chemo and I have this break until the 21st when Ray has his op and after he convalesces and is strong again we will get out and about but at the moment we feel like caged animals.

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