Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- A long wait at the Hospital and So many Tributes for our Dear Debbie

I woke up to another grey and cold day what a summer this is.

Ray had to go to Kent & Canterbury for his final check up after having his eyes Lased to take the pressure out of his eyes.

We live in the hospital with so many journeys to the park and ride and a trip on the hospital bus I have to go wednesday for my bloods to be taken and then again Friday for my double Chemo day.

Oh how I long to go away and leave all, the fuss and ill health behind us. Cancer is just not an easy fight especial Mesothelioma where there is no cure. I suppose loosing our Debbie has made me realise just what Im trying to fight and its just not easy to say bye  when she went so quickly.

Anyway we got to the hospital early, oh was that a silly thing to do. The doctor was running an hour late so we sat and sat. Ray kept saying if Im not seen in 5 mins Im going home and I had to say be quiet you sit there, this had a woman in fits of laughter as she watched us.

He finally went in thank goodness and he was passed as Ok and it is the last time he has to go back. thank goodness we have got that on out the way.

We got home finally and then my breathing Nurse turned up. I went through all the exercises and she tested my muscles in my legs with different exercises and had me walking along the passgae and back it ends up she found my stick and said I must use it. Oh dear I didnt want to do that did I  but she gave me a lesson on how to use it properly.

So I have a lot of exercises to do before ahe comes next week.

debbies tree

Our Mesothelioma Memorial Tree at Saltram for youDebbie Brewer South West Mesothelioma Support Group

That is a lovely gesture –she has made the papers and TV and Facebook has been smothered with photos and all peoples memories of her  bless her so much awareness to our cause she would be so proud.

Rays Blog

our Debbie


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