Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary-4th Line Chemo- Bloods day today

Today was blood day so after travelling to Kent and Canterbury I went to Oncology and the Chemo ward blood was soon taken and I thought all would be well. Wrong I have had a phone call to say my bloods are out  Neutropenia can be a serious side effect of treatment, so your doctor will carefully monitor your blood cell counts during treatment. A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test that measures the levels of these cells in your blood. To diagnose neutropenia, your doctor will evaluate the absolute neutrophil count (ANC) portion of the CBC. The result of the ANC dictates your risk of infection and what treatment may be necessary to prevent or treat existing infection.

Normal ANC Values: Normal ANC values range from 2,500 to 6,000 neutrophils per cubic millimeter. Ranges vary on a number of factors, from someone just getting over being sick; the presence of infection, diseases and other conditions that may influence count; and even race.

Mild Neutropenia:Once ANC counts drop to 1,000-1,500, this is considered to be mild neutropenia. If you have mild neutropenia, you aren’t at a great risk of developing an infection, but your doctor will probably instruct you to look for any signs of infections and report back any changes.

Moderate Neutropenia: Moderate Neutropenia occurs when ANC levels are between 500-1,000. If you have moderate neutropenia, then your risk of developing infection is moderate. If you develop symptoms of infection, like fever, you may still be able to monitor them at home, but some people may require hospitalization depending on other factors and test results.

Severe Neutropenia: If you have a “neutropenic fever” (a fever as well as an ANC count below 500), hospitalization is usually required. People with severely low ANC counts often do not show any signs of infection when it is present. This is due to the lack of neutrophils to elicit a biological response.

So I will have to be careful and just hope this is a blip.

Oh dear I will have to be careful

Apart from regular examinations, there are other important neutropenic precautions you must take. It is crucial that in a weakened condition (e.g. during chemotherapy) you pay a lot of attention to hygiene and avoid contact with people who are sick or have a cold. You should also stay away from pets and other animals as well as from potted plants which may carry bacteria in the soil. 

You should also avoid eating any foods that may trigger an infection through germs. This means not eating anything that has expired or has been sitting in the fridge for a longer time. Fruit and vegetables should be peeled and washed thoroughly. It is strongly recommended to avoid dishes and foods that include fresh eggs, raw meat and raw fish. Patients who are suffering from long-lasting neutropenia should always wear a mask to protect mouth and nose from bacteria and germs. Always disinfect your hands after touching things in a public environment. You should also take neutropenic precautions by requesting a single-bed room in hospitals and spending extra time on an extensive mouth wash and disinfection.

We went shopping and got home for Lunch then Took Louis out for his long run at the park where the men that do the dog walking were taking their charges for a walk. Louis ran right by them and took no notice, I wish I could bottle that and use it at home as he -barks at dogs here it just has to be he is in protecting mode but not the whole Mobile home Park silly boy!!.

Im forever waving my finger at him and saying no bark !! As long as I have him under control Im happy all dogs bark it just that this silly boy has the loudest bark you have ever heard. It echos in the house as we dont have fitted carpets only wooden flooring.

When I saw how the men walk the dogs they do the same walk I do and charge £10 per day to collect the dogs from their homes and travel in a van to the park. I had thought of doing that for Louis as Ray isnt fit while waiting for his op and me on Chemo I felt guilty but honestly these dogs are on the same walk I take Louis so he wouldnt benefit by it as I have him off lead and chasing the ball as we walk around. He goes back to the car tongue hanging out and panting.

Maybe I should have done the job when I was fitter

Dog_walking : The old woman is walking with the dogs

He comes home and has a great sleep.

I forgot I have seen a bird in the sky a few days now singing away it dawned on me today that it is a sky lark and it rises up from its nest as we get near.

I didnt think we still had them in our fields, they song is so sweet.

he Skylark is our most common lark and is a plump-bellied bird with a crest, which is not always visible, and is slightly smaller than a Starling.

The upperparts are brown with heavy black streaks. The underparts are buff to white and the breast is streaked with black. The outer tail feathers are white. The legs are yellowish-brown and the bill is horn coloured.

Juveniles appear scaly owing to pale fringes to most of the feathers of the wings, back and mantle.

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