Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- 4the Line Chemo –A Veggie day today ???

A very weird day weather wise. It should have been my chemo day and I really feel cheated but I suppose they have to be on the safe side. I have been told my blood will recover easily and I hope thats true. It means now I have to have the double chemo next Friday just as Ray is coming home from hospital after his heart Op. I think  I will be fine as I’m not getting side effects apart from a sore mouth and that means I don’t talk which is a good thing ha ha !!!

A nice homemade soup again for lunch with Home made bread that was nice and then we went to the park. Louis of lead and running again and when we came back he slept all afternoon so now I know I have him working well.

The neighbour next door was taking down a fence between us so the workmen can put a new one up I went out to help as I knew where ours was fixed to it. Working away  I remembered I must not touch soil because of my Bloods being down whoops !! I have sprayed with my alcohol  and I will keep taking my temperature just in case. Its so annoying as the garden has sprung into life now and getting overgrown with plants that need cutting back. I will have to buy some garden gloves, for protection.

So that was my day I made a dinner of bean and pulses casserole, so we have had a  veggie day, rays not impress so it will be meat on the menu tomorrow.

Action Mesothelioma Day” event is really starting to shape up. Our release site has been confirmed and will be announced closer to the time. The Local Mayor will be attending and supporting our bid to raise awareness. The media and press have also been contacted. Thank you to all those who have sponsored balloons and supported this event. If you have yet sponsored there is still plenty of time left to do so. Download the form  Once again thank you. Steph


Trooping the colour

Tomorrow is trooping of the colour –if we something well in the UK its a Royal Pageant

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