Living With mesothelioma My Diary- 4th Line Chemo A Restful Saturday

We were asked today By Linda Reinstein  to write when we met Debbie Brewer I wrote

I was googling when I got back home from being told I had Mesothelioma. What was that what did it really mean and then I saw the horrible sites where everyone does die in the first year of diagnosis. I had been given 3 months and that was what I was telling everyone but really thats if you dont have Chemo. I have had three lines and now  Im having my 4th line

I found Debbie’s Blog  in those early days and she had lived for years not months and I entered her name on Facebook to find her and there were so many people talking about Mesothelioma and you really can live longer, I had found the Mesowarriors around the world. That gave such hope. Debbie would message my every day asking how I was and that turned into many messages where we laughed and cried together. I went to Mesothelioma Uk Conference and we met at last I picked her up as she was so small and yet had the biggest heart –I miss you so much but we will meet again and heaven will be laughing with all the laughter of all the Warriors

Debbie Muvmuv Brewer

Miss you Debbie. ❤

Its been a slow day here just relaxing eating and drinking fruit juice.

Louis had his usual run except as he was off chasing the ball and I got half way up the hill the sheep were all over the path although L:ouis took no notice I didnt want him chasing the sheep so I got him on a lead quickly.

Then we walked back to the flat and i let him chase his ball again as he sleeps well when we get back indoors.

We have company tomorrow as its fathers day so that is going to be busy and noisy –love it.

I have sorted out lots of bedding for My Grandson as he now lives in  his own flat near his dad gosh they grow up and he is 22 on Wednesday. The years have flown by Rays Blog



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