Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary-Ray is in Hospital and we have lost our wonder Woman Janelle xx

Sorry I didnt write a blog yesterday but life was very busy as we prepared for Ray to go into Hospital. The William Harvey

Image of the William Harvey Hospital building. Find out how you can access William Harvey Hospital; including disabled facilities, route planning and transport information.

Our Neighbour has taken him in as it is at Ashford but he was amazed I didnt go and now says he would have picked me up  later. I have really be listening to people as I have been in a world of my own. So much has happened that I go very quiet and have to back up my brain and get thoughts into place.

Anyway he is there and the Op will be sometime today although I have tried to ring him and got voice mail so was wondering if he is in theatre already.

Images showing some of the cardiology services across East Kent Hospitals

He will be going through all the checks they do a thousend times –date of birth, address, have you had this and that . So many questions and yet its on the system or in the notes.

So I have thrown myself into housework after I took Louis for the same walk Ray does with him. Goodness knows how as so many cars use the small road that time of the morning on their way to the M2 or the  A2 gosh it is awful. So I wont do that again I will go on a walk that I know and is a whole lot safer.

So I will now relax and wait for when the op is over and then we all can relax.

Thanks for all the good wishes.

This is the day of Debbies Funeral and Helens.

Two lovely angels in heaven together.

So many people have traveled to Plymouth to be with Debbies family. It will so hard for them as those attending are warriors that have Meso or their family have had it or family that have died it begins to show just how many are loosing the battle.

The Janelle our little wonder woman has lost her fight and so it goes on and on.

Janelle Bedel

Goodnight or little Angel you fought a great battle now rest in peace xx

Ray didnt blog only did a puzzle that everyone has grown to love

Thursday puzzzle :




3 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary-Ray is in Hospital and we have lost our wonder Woman Janelle xx

  1. I have followed your blog since my husband was diagnosed with meso in April 2012. Unfortunately John died one month following diagnosis. Too late for chemo. He had heart problems too. A triple bypass and several stents. I really do wish you and Ray all the very best. You have been through so much and have supported so many people with your kind words. Life is so unfair. Take care of each other.

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