Living with Mesothelioma- My Diary- Ray came home from Hospital and I have had 4th Line Chemo Day I- 2nd double session

Gosh Its been a run around day today. We had a plan and that was for our son to come down and take me to Chemo for 12.30pm appointment.

Ray phoned and said the man in the next bed came from the next road and will bring him home at 10.30am Ok Phoned our son to tell him but he was already on the road and in streams of traffic on the M25 so he said he will still come down to take me to Chemo and fetch me home.

Phoned Ray back to tell but thought of asking where did the man live –Broadstairs??? thats not in the next road.

Terry arrived and I told him we both agreed that was silly so I phoned Ray to tell him that as he had got here early we will pick him up and then he can stay in the car and deliver me to Chemo –BUT Ray didnt have his phone on. We had to phone the ward and he was still there so we took Louis for a wee and shut him in and drove off to Ashford.

We got there at 11 but Ray was waiting  for the Pharmacist to deliver tablets –OH NO!!! we all know how long that can be.

Ray spoke to the Ward Sister and told her we were taking me to chemo so she pushed his order and the man next bed said “Where is mine have a long wait! the nurse said she had got his as well so he was happy.

We said our good byes but the man said Im buying you book ray has told me about you and I so admire you. How sweet but above all Ray had been talking which is a great therapy.

So I was on my way up the A28 to Canterbury and arrived in plenty of time. I saw them off and went in.

They soon sorted out the pre chemo drugs Sickness drug washes and Antihistamine drugs and Steroids. Then they informed me My Chemo hadnt come down it was  1.00pm The chemo was coming down at 2pm so I just sat there.

When it came down from the Pharmacist at 2pm we got started and I finished at 4.00pm They keep saying sorry and I keep saying “Its so much better that Cisplatin regime that took 10.12hours.

I had phoned terry to picjk me up and when i came out I phoned to ask where he is ” Im over on the side” I looked to my Left and he said I was looking the wrong side. He he !!!I said you can see me cant you Oh ok I see you now.

We didn’t take long to get home even though we called in for some Fuel as he was on the red.

It was great to see Ray when we got in he still looked very good and I got on with a dinner as I had made the shepherds pie and put it in the fridge all ready for us.

Then a knock at the door and the District Nurse ask me if I wanted my PICC Line cleaned. Oh Dear I had it cleaned at the hospital but she wanted to come and look at my notes.

We had a long talk about Ray and myself and she asked if I wanted a Home Help. Oh no please I cope and its not for long and Ray will be back and we will work together on the housework It really is no good I would have to  do it before a home help came –you cant have it untidy.

Funny enough My brother has just told me his partner has had a knee op cancelled because she had an Appointment for a MRI Scan after the date of the op so the surgeon cant do the Op until he hasa clearer picture of the ligaments. My pet hate why do they give the appoint for the op or for my Oncologist first Why not give the date for a scan first. I know the Surgeons and Oncologist complain about it why dont they listen .

Well thats my Day, Our son has got home and the traffic was good –amazing on a Friday night that the M25, M3, M4 was good. Rays Blog



2 thoughts on “Living with Mesothelioma- My Diary- Ray came home from Hospital and I have had 4th Line Chemo Day I- 2nd double session

  1. Mavis, glad to know that yesterday went well for both you and Ray. It’s nice to see that you are both home again, and able to relax a bit. Take care you two. J & R. xx

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