Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- 4the Line Chemo- Super Moon Last Night.

Had a better day today, when you go to the bottom the only way is up and I’m travelling up.

There was a super moon and we missed it here in the south east but many did see it.

super moon

Ray has been so much better today he got Louis Lead and set out for a little walk up the lane. He came back really happy that he had been able to walk without chest pain but he did sit done and relax. his colour  was good though not the ashen grey that I had seen over the past few weeks.

I had started the house work so I carried on but Ray found a long cobweb, so he is well !! I got my feather duster and went around the ceilings.

I made a lovely soup a fennel and Butter bean and peppers tomatoes etc etc Even Ray licked it. I had my grocers delivered this morning as ray isnt allowed to drive yet and walking round large supermarkets is tiring.

We got washed up and I asked Ray if he would like to go for a short round walk. He agreed but I could see it was tiring him. There are different benches he could sit on but he refused and he did get round but he dropped off to sleep on the settee.

We had a phone call to say we can have the new 3 seater Sofa bed, they will deliver it on Wednesday so we had to make phone calls to charity shops to take our settee and chair. I have 3 sets of  plumb Made to measure covers to go with it so someone will have a bargain and the money will go to my Hospice. Im happy with that.

I still have my lovely recliner so we have plenty of seating room when friends and family visit.

Janelle Bedel

Good Night to our Wonder woman as she was laid to rest today another Warrior Angel xxxx

I dont want to scare people but I had heard that asbestos was in Talc Powder and we have all used it but today I found the link to it through a Australian Mesowarrior Lou and a web page

The Link Between Ovarian Cancer and Asbestos Exposure

Since the 1970s scientific studies have been evaluating the link between asbestos exposure and ovarian cancer. Some of these studies have involved the use of talcum powder on the genital area.
Talc has a long history of asbestos contamination since the minerals can naturally occur together and develop under similar conditions. For example, a study published in 1982 reported that women with ovarian cancer were three times more likely to have used talcum powder (also widely known as baby powder) on the genital area.
A 1999 study involving more than 1,000 women found the participants who used talc powder on the genitals had a sixty percent overall increased relative risk of developing ovarian cancer.

More recently, the International Agency for Research on Cancer confirmed that sufficient evidence has been gathered to prove that asbestos exposure can cause ovarian cancer.

In March 2009 the IARC announced, “Sufficient evidence is now available to show that asbestos also causes cancer of the larynx and of the ovary”

Cohort studies of women who were heavily exposed to asbestos in the workplace consistently report increased risks of ovarian cancer, as in a study of women in the UK who manufactured gas masks during World War II.
Studies suggest that asbestos can accumulate in the ovaries of women who are exposed to it. “Although it may have taken decades” worth of studies to prove the connection, it has been medically established that asbestos exposure can cause ovarian cancer. Additional research will continue to reveal the biological underpinnings of this causal relationship and will hopefully also help lead to a cure for this asbestos-related cancer.

I just think Women should be very aware that it could be the cause and that maybe the Chemo they use for this could infact be good for all Mesothelioma treatment. never know !!!

Rays Blog


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