Living With Mesothelioma -MY Diary- 4th line Chemo —Bloods Day

Louis woke me up at 5 so early he wanted grass little devil so I took him for a walk and then picked some grass and threw on the floor for him I went back to bed.

I got up again at 7am but it was good we did as there was a beeping at 8.20am and i said they were emptying the skip. No!! they were delivering the bed settee. I had said use a small van no! they used a large van.

They had off loaded it down the bottom of our road and wheeled it up to our home.  Whoops it looked to large but by the time they got it in and it was in place it looked made for the room. very pleased.

We had to go out just after that as i had an early appointment for my bloods.

Dave next door wanted to drive us as Ray really shouldnt drive until the weekend so we set off.

Arriving at the hospital i couldnt believe we went straight into a parking space so I went to the Chemo ward and the men went to the restaurant for a coffee.

I was called in and I had my blood pressure and weight  taken. I asked about Chemo causing kidney stones so we discussed all the pain of the previous evening and showed them the tiny bit of gravel I had passed. Chemo and medicines can cause stones so as I have no pain today the nurse said she would note it but as my blood is checked for kidney function I will be covered.

That was it bloods taken and I could go so I met the men and we came home.

Then it was the Pilgram Hospice turn to turn up and they were really pleased with the Settee and a chair I donated. It also had 2 sets of covers from Plumbes and i really felt I was doing the right thing, raising money for a great cause and a way of saying thank you as I more and more come under the Hospice. Breathing exercises  etc etc . But I will come under them for pain control as I need it.

Ray found a great place to relax after Lunch


I then got the bug to change curtains so I washed them first and put them in the dryer and ironed them really a good days work. I felt like my old self.

Cooked dinner and really needed a rest tonight but –no phone call so bloods must be OK but so must my Kidney. Im drinking loads of water as the nurse told me to so that I flush everything through.

Maybe I need to keep that up and flush the Chemo through.

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