Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – 4th Line Chemo Chemo no 4 A long wait today Chemo was full to capacity

Yesterday  was a silly day as it was wet and nasty for a summers day.

I had to go to Chemo so we had a snack early and then our next door neighbour pulled up to take us and he had insisted that Ray shouldnt drive into Canterbury.

We got to the hospital early with half an hour to spare but it was full. Every Chemo chair was full and every seat in the waiting room was full.

I thought perhaps something had happened making the chemo’s up. But no the nurse said to many patients had been booked in and there wasnt enough nurses to attend everyone.

Just a bad day.

So we sat and waited and waited. I got embarrased as we had Dave sitting there but he enjoyed the Tennis on the TV and had his kindle but I bet he was wishing there were better places to be sitting than in a hospital,

At last I was called in and set up for Chemo. It all went very well as mine was only a 1 hour one today but the PICC Line had to be cleaned I had to take a sickness tablet and then there is the flush.

The lady in the next chair said she heard where I lived and she was in the mobile homes at Blean then told me her whole life story. But not say my son mt daughter my sister but Bert, Linda, chris, why do people do that, talk as if you know all their family. I just end up saying yes and no and hope that Im saying it in the correct place. I realised she was actually a very lonely lady and she needed to talk to someone so I let her.

Her mother had just died at 94 so I suppose she was grieving as well.

The time soon passed and I was freed from the chair and we did get home about 5pm it was a long day and after cooking dinner while Ray walked the dog I was infact very uncomfortable. Sharp pains and a sick feeling, I thought oh no this is going to be a difficult Chemo. I was so so tired to went to bed at 8.30and

I slept through to 8.30 this morning. I must have needed that. I have woken up with no pains and I feel fine thank goodness for that.

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