Living With Mesothelioma- My Diary- Saturday 4th Line Chemo 3rd session– So Tired !!

Yesterday was so very nice and sunny from early morning. Very early as I took the dog for his walk it was so nice. The birds were singing and the Cuckoo was well -Cockooing.

The salt marsh look so nice with the horses waking up and strolling around.

I had a great day but I have a nasty taste in my mouth from the chemo and what ever I do it doesnt go away. I have a good mouth wash but it only last for a while and the taste is back.

Ray took Louis out and he was gone a long time but I neednt have worried as he did well and the dog had a long sleep when he came back.

I did lunch of tomato soup and homemade bread then I feel asleep.  Im very tired with this Chemo it is a side effect so Im doubly tired as Mesothelioma makes you tired where it is hitting the lungs capacity of breathing in air and circulating the oxygen around the body.

When I woke up there was Louis looking at me again for another walk so off we went and Ray seemed back to normal and could do the circuit with ease. I think I can breath again and he can safely help me with the housework. He love to make the bed and wash up breakfast things so I will let him.

I called in the shop and bought things I was short of and we met every dog in town. It was amazing and I had a great time training Louis. No Bark ! No Bark! he didnt bark at any except 2 little balls of fluff that we tide onto a electric scooter outside the shop, barking their heads off. I allowed that one bark as even I want to shout shut up to then, one was enough but two was just to much.

Yorkshire Terrier Breeders

We walked home and had a coffee then watch a film together. A weird film that we neither really knew what was going on it was on Film 4 dont you just hate that when it finished we both looked at one another blank.

I decided to make a fruit cake it is the weirdest one I have baked. No fat no sugar and no eggs. Just dry fruit and flour.

You warmed the dates up in water and then mashed that up. Put all the other fruit, currants, sultanas, mixed peel, flour,almonds all in a bowl then poured the date mix in and mixed all together

I baked it in my bread oven but it did say in a loaf tin.

Everyone Loves This Fruitcake Recipe

It was divine and we ate a slice in the evening after a steak dinner and stewed apples and yogurt.

We felt so naughty and yet it was all healthy -a Saturday treat.

I had a message from a friend who’s Mother is very ill. So sad when its to late for Chemo when only diagnosed three months ago but when its found it is spreading into other organs, no pains are felt as it is growing. I wonder how that can be. It is eating into the body and you dont feel it, I know thats true as you hear me say that enough on here. I just didnt have a sign until my lungs filled up with fluid—my heart goes out to the family and I can only give words of comfort.

I was so tired by 8.30 that I went to bed and watched telly. I dont want to keep doing that as one of the signs the disease is getting a hold is that you spend more and more days in bed. I really think its the Chemo making me so tired and the fact going to be early means Im awake at 5.30 and then Louis wants a wee. As the fence is down between us and the new neighbour as she is going to have a new one built. But as its summer I dont mind slipping the lead on and taking Louis out to the nearest grass verge.

Rays Blog

Find rays Puzzles on here

Fruit Cake Recipe

8oz dates stoned

half a pint water

6oz seedless raisins

4oz sultanas

4oz currants

2 oz mixed peel

6oz plain flour wholemeal

3 teaspoons baking powder

1teasp mixed spice

grated rind of a lemon and orange then the juice also

1oz ground almonds

and a few flaked almonds to decorate.

grease a 1lb loaf tin place the dates in the water and heat and mash when soft with a fork.

put all the ingredient in a bowl together and add the date puree.

put in the tin when mixed add the flakes on top and bake 160 or gas mark 3 for 1.50 hors but I put in the bread oven and it only took an hour.



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