Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Chemo Sleeping Princess

Boy was it hot yesterday, we should moan but thats is the problem living in the UK one day its cold and raining the next it is hot hot hot we do not cope well.

I had a very bad day as I could taste metal all day and this makes you feel sick. Also I have to remember the Chemo is killing my good cells as well as the bad. There is a real battle going on in my body

A war that must be won.

I felt so weak, so tired that I slept on and off all day.

My body must need it so I do give in. I did wake long enough to make lunch and dunner and we took Louis for a short walk through the lane by the Salt Marsh. Watched the horses.

Historically, Seasalter came to prominence as a centre for salt production in the 18th century, the marshes were drained to create the Seasalter Levels.

I wonder if we dug up a piece we could get salt??

Came back and slept again.

We had all the windows and doors open to get cool. I had to give in and went to bed 9.30 watched telly and fell asleep.

Ray has to go to collect his hearing aid and this morning I feel awake so I will go with him.

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