Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Chemo 5th line. Louis is naked but cool.

 It’s been 1295 days since the End of the First Chemo Session!


and Now It’s been 643 days since the End of the Trial and 2nd Line Chemo Session!

and Now It’s been 545 days since the Start of 3rd Line Chemo Session!


and Now It’s been 432 days since the End of 3rd Line Chemo Session!


and Now It’s been 44 days since the Start of 4th Line Chemo Session!

The days have gone fast and now its 4 years that I have stretched the Doctor’s 3 months. They are realising we can live longer and that we need them to keep up with us and find the right treatment for us as next time I need 5th line by next year.

Well the summer is finally here it is wonderful weather and we sat in the garden for a wile yesterday but I have always been told to be careful in the sun when on Chemo so I dont sit for to long.
Ray did his walk with Lous as he sees that as his exercise each day but also a test to how he feels as he remembers when he had one of  his heart attacks  that morning the one that was near fatal to him, so he has a good yard stick to measure the difference as he does the same walk each day. He gets better and better.
I only the other hand get worse when we do the round walk in the afternoon. Im so glad I went in for the breathing exercise trail, I remember everything I was taught and put it into action as I walk and get breathless.
Louis is still not happy with me for getting his hair cut .
It completely changes him and he is acting like he is naked and embarrassed silly dog as it is so warm now and it will keep him cool, it will soon grow again.
It is amazing that under all that hair he is a small dog no wonder he barks like a big dog it must be his defence.
How he wants to look again.
The day has just begun and I dont know what we will be doing today -not a lot we really have got to get into a going away mood as its July and the summer will soon be over.
The link is the story of IATP,s balloon release on Friday and there is a vi-doe of the Launch.
My Balloons I sponsored are going up in the sky now we have to wait for them to come down and hope some kind soul will make contact so we can see whos traveled the farthest .
If you love Photography please read Linda Wrides Blog
Steve has Meso and we were diagnosed at the same time. He and Linda go on wonderful travels he is as Positive as I am but Linda’s photos  are so good and she has a wonderful eye for shapes. She sees things that I would’nt well not from the angles she shows. Well done Linda xx

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