Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary-4th line Chemo

After yesterday being a mad unbelievable day today has been very calm. The weather is so good we all feel so soft and warm dont we. Problems never seem so bad on a day like today.

We are waiting for the birth of a princess or a prince the world will rejoice when it happens.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 04:  Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend a service marking the 60th anniversary of the...

Hope it all goes well for them they are such a lovely couple and our Rayal future  xxxx

I was able to clean the inside windows just before the window cleaner came to clean the out side ones.

I had a good morning being a domestic goddess. Ray walked Louis so everything was going to plan.

After lunch we went shopping, well I did as Ray took Louis around the Rugby pitch so it was good to wander around the shop on my own.

We loaded the shopping into the car and traveled home with the car windows open the wind blowing through our hair, well some of us the shaved dog was hiding on the floor. I cant believe he is still sulking but he is when he thinks about it.

We came and after putting everything away I made a coffee and sat down and fell asleep I keep forgetting I’m on Chemo and think I can have enough energy to keep going all day. I dont.

So I felt better and awake again.

Cooked dinner and just working on here.

It is blood day tomorrow and I hope my bloods are straight as it will make it later to the end date. I was due to finish in Septt now its Oct dont want to go on to Nov.

Friday is  my longer Chemo session as I have 2 lots.

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