Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary 4th Line Chemo-Blood day !!


The day of my bloods being taken I was so nervous as if they were out then Chemo is cancelled and a week gets added to  the end date. Im already in October now.

I also was worried as my ankles are swollen when I get up now and as I had had a possible stone go through my kidney I was worried even more.

Dog walked and house work done we set off in the car.

Ray dropped me at the door and found a parking space nearby so he was lucky.

A new young woman  was on the desk so I had to say who I was as the older receptionist knew all our names. You always have that odd moment when you panic they haven’t got you on the system, but she found me and I sat down. There was a dear old lady in a wheel chair and a nurse spoke to her that transport had delivered her far to earl. They had bought her there at 10.30 for a 3.30 appointment. Bless her she said she was so angry and the nurse told her to complain, and made a cup of tea for her.

They did try and get her treatment in earlier but they would be making the chemo up until 1pm. It was 12 so they were trying.

I was weighed and taken in for my bloods to be taken the Sister was the first one to take it from my PIC line. Nurses arent trained to use the pick line for your bloods. I find this strange as they use it for Chemo. I told her about my swollen ankles but she just said OK. It was nice to know that was a normal side effect.

We had a chat about my House of commons chat and what I had said.

That was it so we came home and I made lunch a bit late but we had shredded duck in wraps and a soya sauce dip.

I fell asleep then worn out I just dont know how I do it one minute Im awake and then The next Im waking up, that is a side effect of Meso and Chemo and I do forget Im on this chemo  and push myself.

Cooked dinner and realised the time was 6pm so no phone call hooray!! my bloods are OK but best of all my kidney must be function well so the that was good.

There are a number of Mesowarriors in trouble with bad results or going through Chemo I send my prayers to all of those and hope they get a good nights sleep.






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