Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- a cold morning and a very hot summers afternoon only UK can do that.

Our Flower club sent Dot a lovely bouquet of Sunflowers they were lovely and bought a smile on the day Ernie went to the hospice to sort pain control out. So pleased we sent them on the right day xx

It was so cold and cloudy this morning as we got up. Where has our weather gone. I went on a dogs walk at 6am and it was so cloudy that I was glad to get back home.

Hot coffee and breakfast was made and enjoyed.

Ray went on his longer walk with Louis and he said the same when he got in.

I had a dust around and tidied up and then sat on the computer. I have had all the paperwork through for a Lung DOG meet next week so I printed all that off and had a read.

I had a RAT meeting I can sit in first, Research and Trials, I want to sit in on that and keep asking what about Meso –if I hear -Its Rare Im going to have a go.

We were eating lunch when a lorry, a huge lorry backed up to deliver fencing to next door. They parked outside ours but I didn’t mind them unloading onto our garden, Workman always seem to do that to us. Ray was watching and wow!! a post nearly came through our window.  I told him to come away to eat or he will have a heart attack.

Then my Buddha was hit in the tummy, your suppose to rub his belly for luck, goodness knows what will happen if you hit it.

I baked a lovely smelling garlic and rosemary loaf  it was a lovely smell as well.

We took the dog for yet another walk and when we came back the sun was coming  to play and it was a lovely summers day then. I cut all the back of the plants that will be sat on the new fence as while we have had no fence they have spread out. A tree that I had cut down in the winter has been hit by the bad winter and  all the snow that sat on it for so long. But I couldn’t believe it wasn’t dead there are little shoots on it, so I took some Ivy off that was growing over it and  I will just cut it down and let it re-shoot up very near the ground so that it wont be in the way of the new fence.

We measured and made sure we were all in the 10 feet of our boundary and as long as it doesn’t rain to make things grow back we are happy.

So a good day and that bread is gorgeous we had some with a Chicken Korma for dinner and even Ray said  he loved it so that was a winner. Its going to be  great for lunch tomorrow as a cheese and pickle sandwich.

Oh dear tomorrow is chemo day. My legs and ankles are swelling and dont go down in the morning. It isnt my kidney so I hope its not my Liver and yet everything is functioning well.My Dad had swollen ankles so I now it can happen as we get older. needn’t have anything to do with Cancer –But !!

Nothing must stop this Chemo I need it.

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