Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary-4th Line Chemo –Chemo Day again and the Nurses we all happy it was Friday

Chemo Day and it was so cold and cloudy and even spitting with rain. Crazy when Oop North my friends were saying how hot it was.

We had lunch as the appointment  wasnt until 1.30pm.

We didnt wait to long in the waiting room and then your met by a nurse (mine was Katie today) and then you walk the corridor to the Chemo room

Cathedral Unit Waiting Area.

The disadvantage of afternoon Chemo is the Pharmacy gets behind and then go to lunch.

Katie was able to do all the premeds washing my PIC line  and giving me sick meds through the vein, and flush I took the steroids and then had a wait for the Chemo to be made.

I finally got going 2.45 and had the Carbo, then flush then Gemcitabine. But all the nurses were asking me about the speech in the House of Commons and Katie gave me her Email address so I have sent the talks I have done this week and last.  I love that as they are aware then of Mesothelioma and are willing to learn what its like to be a patient in their care.


Mind you all the nurses were excited and we asked what was going on and they just said –Its Friday and we are off for the weekend. Bless they deserve the rest

We talked about my swollen legs and ankles and Katie said that all my tests are good, the Liver the Kidney are showing good -, she said was my heart ok and I pointed my blood preasure was good. So she thinks there is nothing to worry about but sleep with my legs on a higher mattress at the bottom of the bed so I will try that tonight and see what happens. I have to rest in the heat tomorrow so I will try and keep my feet high all day I want to clear this fluid.

I finally got through all the treatment and we could leave at 4.30 where we caught the Park and Ride back and found the car. I was so pleased to get back home.

By now the sun has come out and it is very warm thank goodness although the Nurse told me to be careful and not sit out in the sun as I will be at risk as Im very Toxic and the sun can harm me easily.

Soaking up some sunshine may feel like a relaxing way to help you cope with the rigors of cancer treatment. But first, it’s important to know if your chemotherapy medications may increase the likelihood of a sunburn — something you definitely don’t need at this point in your life.

Sun Sensitivity During Chemotherapy

What is Sun Sensitivity?

Sun sensitivity, known as photosensitivity or phototoxicity, is the tendency to sunburn more easily than usual. Most photosensitivity reactions associated with chemotherapy drugs are phototoxic. In a phototoxic reaction, medications such as chemotherapy drugs absorb ultraviolet radiation. This absorption of UV light causes a change in the chemical composition of the drug, which emits skin-damaging energy.

Which Chemotherapy Drugs Cause Photosensitivity?

Nearly any chemotherapy agent (or non-cancer-related medications as well) may cause you to be more sensitive to the sun. It’s important to talk with your oncologist about your particular medications. In addition, the combination of different drugs may raise your risk further than a single drug would alone. Some of the chemotherapy drugs known to cause photosensitivity include:

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