Living With Mesothelioma -My diary- What a hot hot Day!!

I woke up early but it was warm at 5.30 I just knew it was going to be hot hot hot !! like they promised.

Breakfast and coffee woke me up and then steroids completed it.

I played on the computer making sure everyone as ok and no bad news from the Mesowarriors.

The time soon goes and Ray got up and he walked Louis but I decided to was the Motorhome and inside was soon done but I found a milk carton that has been in the fridge since New Year.

It smelt like Gorgonzola Cheese, I said to Ray this was long life milk but not that long it has been through all that snow and now the heat poooo stink.

I gave the fridge a good wash out.

Then I washed the outside with Rays help and I was pleased but Ray said my  face was bright red and I said “well they  did say I was sensitive to the sun on Chemo”

I got in and stayed in jealous of all the other people sitting out in the heat that went up and up to 32C and we are by the coast so I don’t know what the cities were like.

Ray managed another walk with Louis as I made Lunch but he went further up the Lane to the top. I felt sick so took my sick tablets and that cured that.

So he was worn out when he got back and so was the dog. So he was slept all afternoon.

We decided to go to the supermarket in the evening and must admit it is a great time to go as it was so easy to walk around and pick up what we needed. Coming home we was at the tail end of a traffic Jam infact they were coming to a halt right at our turn off, we just squeezed by and took our slip road but so were other cars and then we met up with other cars that were trying to turn onto the main road. Whitstable does get so crowded on a weekend.

It was good to get home and I checked on the computer there had been an accident at the Sittingbourne turn off and that meant that was packed as well. A lot of people must have had their day at the coast ruined  and a lot of over heated cars as well as overheated children and dogs.

10pm it is cooling down at last but its going to be a warm night so windows are wide open.








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