Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– Hot Hot again wonderful really, But Cool drinks and Cool Pictures are keeping me-well-Cool xx

Woke up early  to a lovely sunny day 5.30am so took Louis for a walk to some grass and saw my neighbour Dave. He had a his family staying from Italy so I said  shh don’t wake them and don’t tease Louis, he loves doing that as does Colin the neighbor opposite , his golfing mate.

He said they would all be up as they are off to Cornwall, not without making sure Ray and I were ok. I said we are OK so don’t worry.  Just have a great time.

Then when I  came in it came over so cloudy almost as if it was going to rain.  But no that cleared and it has got warmer and warmer.

Ray took the dog out for his walk, I weeded the garden around the whirligig where I had hung the washing to dry. and I made lunch.

Watched two films that I enjoyed and Ray disappeared. I thought he had gone to the Motorhome as I had told him the Trap in the toilet was hard to open and I had meant to spray with the Silicone, and I didnt. So I was very surprised when he came in with 2 MacDonald Milk shakes, bless him. Louse wanted some as well so he joined in the fun.

Please can I have some

Please can I have some

Well if your very good

Well if your very good

It didn’t cool him though so I got a small towel and dipped it in a sink of cold water and wrapped around him. He has been asleep under that for a couple of hour’s. He has just walked in here for me to take it off of him and he isn’t panting anymore.

I cooked Steak for Dinner with New potatoes and peas carrots and swede all very nice having strawberries later.

I have to be up early in the morning as Im off to hospital for my scan to make sure this Chemo is working. I have to sort out when to get the results as My appointment for result isn’t until Aug 29th  My oncologist is going on holiday but I have been told I can have a phone call from the Onc,s secretary.

It is cooling a bit now its 8pm all the windows are wide open.

A friend on face book sent me Photo to cool me down and it works take a look and feel the coolness —Thanks Jeff

To Mavis and Ray – not so hot in Tasmania .
Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake is one of Tasmania’s
best known destinations .

jeff crows photo Rays Blog


One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– Hot Hot again wonderful really, But Cool drinks and Cool Pictures are keeping me-well-Cool xx

  1. Cooling down here now Mavis thank goodness. Have been in the swimming pool this afternoon. Had to wait two years to get it up and functional again. Year before last couldn’t use it because of the drought order then last year when the order was lifted we found the circulating pipe was leaking. We found that a root from a neighbouring Robinia tree had damaged the pipe. A claim of £4000+ from the owner’s insurance has seen it repaired and it is now up and swimmable again!

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