Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Blood Day.

So hot again but then you all know that by now. Phew!!

I got up at 5.30am took the dog out for a walk in the very very quiet of the early morning.

The Lane was empty just a car now and again.

Came home for breakfast and get ready to go to have my bloods taken. I was so tired as we have been out everyday with hospital appointments and we still have Thursday and Friday to go.

Ray walked Louis again and we went in the car to the Park and Ride.  The Motorhome at the Aires  was packed, so many camping up from or too the Ferries or the Tunnel. I didnt have time to talk and find out if anyone was in the Club Forums I belong to. I do like to keep my friends up to date with what goes on at the Park and Ride. Such good value for 3.00 to camp overnight .

We arrived at the hospital and I was called straight in and had my bloods taken through the PICC Line again.

We had a chat and the nurse said she had googled my name and got so much info come up. I did tell her !!

She wants my book so as to keep it on the ward for all the nurses to read. That is an honour that my book will help nurses now and nurse’ that come  in the future to be able to know what it was like for a Mesowarrior. I will take it in on Friday.

She told me that My Oncologist has told them yesterda, Im amazing -how sweet.  Its nice to know she is proud of me. Then Im proud of her as she has let me have freedom to sort my chemo and what ever I want to do she agrees to.

Leaving there we caught the bus back and came home, calling in at the farm for cherries, strawberries, beetroot, lettuce and apples. She gave me a lovely plastic box to bring them home in.

We have washed it and now it is the fridge as it makes a good drawer to keep things together and tidy a shelf.

I sat around all day then as it got hotter and hotter.

But we had a lovely Lunch of ham salad and then tonight a Pork chop and salad with a bowl of strawberries.

It is cooler now thank goodness. No phone call so my bloods must be good.

A warrior Jan Egerton has had bad news that she is finding hard to deal with. Her Meso is growing in the Right Lung and stomach and as she has had the operation to take the linings out there is nothing to hold it in.  Fluid is building up in her stomach. I do hope she finds some treatment and that they dont say Palliative care again.Although at the meeting yesterday a Doctor said that they are finding that patients on Palliative care are living longer than patients on chemo. I dont understand that one unless keep having chemo is damaging the body. I said to them but I cant say no treatment I have to keep going. He just looked at me over his glasses.

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