Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- I thought today was going to be just another day —How wrong can you be .

Oh boy when I got  up today I thought today was going to be just another day! How wrong can you be.

Ray had to go to K&C Hospital to have a blood pressure monitor fitted for 24 hours.

The times we have had to go to the hospital between us. With both of us ill you just dont get time to yourself when it comes to appointments.

Back to the park and ride, Im sure the car knows how to get there on its own.  The Motorhomes that were all crowded in the Aires had all gone so the ferries and tunnel must have done a roaring trade early this morning.

We got off the bus and went to Cardiology where Ray had this monitor fitted.  It makes me laugh. it bleeps and then pumps up then bleeps as it goes down again. Im glad we aren’t going top the Cinema or anywhere else public as it is so embarrassing as it is so noisy.

We sat waiting for the hospital bus and this huge seagull was going from person to person looking for his lunch.


Back home I made lunch yet another salad, Ray is moaning but he has to eat low fat and healthy so I win!!!

Then this afternoon I came into my computer to read my emails and there was one from the Hospital, clicked on it puzzled and there it was my SCN telling me she had got my results read and that  she was able to say these wonderful words –Just had a message —managed to get hold of your CT report. Good news.
CT shows partial response few lesions are slightly smaller and others are stable no new lesions seen.——-Whoopee 4th line Chemo is working —that is the GemCarbo Chemo

You look and you reread and then you realise you can say the words out loud. I told Ray and then rung my family. I also put it on facebook for the world to see.

It is great I will carry on with the Chemo knowing we have got the nasty again. I will see Xmas and New Year again and I can plan things again and stop living holding my breath that will I be able to plan and carry it through and do it.

My next door neighbour came round so I could say goodbye to his family as they are flying back to Italy today and he was so pleased to hear the good news.

His daughter gave us some Italian Chocolates ooooo naughty but nice xx

Made a great dinner of Gammon Steak new potatoes and yes oh yes !!! SALAD he! he!

It has been a good day Im very happy that I have taken the right pathway.

The bad part is this monitor of Rays is pumping up every half hour and that is going to go on all through the night. He looks like he is wearing a gun holster.

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4 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- I thought today was going to be just another day —How wrong can you be .

  1. Glad to read the good news re the success of your latest Chemo treatment Mavis. Smashing news.
    Re Ray’s noisy blood pressure monitor, shove some cotton wool in your ears. lol

    Cheers, Jock. xx

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